Revolve Profile Curves
Windows only

Demonstrates how to create a surface by revolving one or more profile curves using RhinoScript.

Option Explicit

Sub MyRevolve

  ' Declare local variables
  Dim obj_list, crv_list, crv, axis0, axis1

  ' Select one or more curves to revolve
  obj_list = Rhino.GetObjects("Select curves to revolve", 4, True, True)
  If IsNull(obj_list) Then Exit Sub

  ' Pick start of revolve axis    
  axis0 = Rhino.GetPoint("Start of revolve axis")
  If IsNull(axis0) Then Exit Sub

  ' Pick end of revolve axis    
  axis1 = Rhino.GetPoint("End of revolve axis", axis0)
  If IsNull(axis1) Then Exit Sub

  ' If more than one curve as picked, try to join them
  If (UBound(obj_list) > 0) Then
    crv_list = Rhino.JoinCurves(obj_list, False)
    crv_list = Array(obj_list(0))
  End If

  ' Create the surfaces of revolution  
  For Each crv In crv_list
    Call Rhino.AddRevSrf(crv, Array(axis0, axis1))

  ' Delete the temporary joined curves
  Call Rhino.DeleteObjects(crv_list)

End Sub