Select by Linetype
Windows only

Demonstrates how to select objects by linetype using RhinoScript.

Sub SelLinetype

  Dim strLinetype
  strLineType = Rhino.GetString("Object linetype name to select")
  If Not IsString(strLinetype) Then Exit Sub
  If Not Rhino.IsLinetype(strLinetype) Then Exit Sub

  Dim arrObjects, strObject

  ' If you want to filter on all visible objects,
  ' use the following line of code.
  arrObjects = Rhino.NormalObjects

  ' Or, if you want to filter on just curve objects
  ' use the following line of code.
  ' arrObjects = Rhino.ObjectsByType(4)

  If IsArray(arrObjects) Then
    Rhino.EnableRedraw False
    For Each strObject In arrObjects
      If StrComp(Rhino.ObjectLinetype(x), strLinetype, 1) = 0 Then
      End If
    Rhino.EnableRedraw True
  End If

End Sub

Function IsString(ByVal str)
  IsString = False
  If VarType(str) = vbString Then IsString = True
End Function