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GH_Types Enumeration

Contains flags for all data types currently supported by GH_IO.dll

Namespace:  GH_IO.Types
Assembly:  GH_IO (in GH_IO.dll)
public enum GH_Types
  Member nameValueDescription
unset0Represents an unset type. GH_Items with this type will throw exceptions during serialization.
gh_int32332 bit integer
gh_int64464 bit integer
gh_single5single precision floating point number
gh_double6double precision floating point number
gh_decimal7decimal number
gh_date8date time structure
gh_guid9128 bit globally unique identifier
gh_string10unicode string
gh_bytearray20an array of bytes
gh_doublearray21an array of doubles
gh_drawing_point30gdi+ integer precision point
gh_drawing_pointf31gdi+ single precision point
gh_drawing_size32gdi+ integer precision size
gh_drawing_sizef33gdi+ single precision size
gh_drawing_rectangle34gdi+ integer precision rectangle
gh_drawing_rectanglef35gdi+ single precision rectangle
gh_drawing_color36gdi+ argb color
gh_drawing_bitmap37gdi+ bitmap (png format bytestream)
gh_point2d50double precision two-dimensional point
gh_point3d51double precision three-dimensional point
gh_point4d52double precision four-dimensional point
gh_interval1d60double precision one-dimensional numeric interval
gh_interval2d61double precision two-dimensional numeric interval
gh_line70double precision three-dimensional line segment
gh_boundingbox71double precision three-dimensional box volume
gh_plane72double precision three-dimensional plane construct
gh_version80version structure with major, minor and revision fields
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