What's New and Update Guide

This guide contains information to help you use the current version of openNURBS.


The openNURBS toolkit reads and writes Rhino 3DM files.

To get the current openNURBS toolkit or technical support, visit openNURBS.


For most developers, updating from the previous verson of openNURBS will involve recompiling and minor changes. As before, the easiest way to read a 3DM file is to use one of the ONX_Model::Read() functions. The easiest way to write a 3DM file is to use one of the ONX_Model::Write() functions.

New Requirements - January 2018

You must use a C++ compiler that supports C++11. Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 or Apple’s XCode 9 support C++11.

New Features - January 2018

Use iterators to go through the contents of an ONX_Model. For an example, look at the source code for ONX_Model::DumpComponentList() in opennurbs_extensions.cpp.

ON_ComponentManifest is a manifest of every component in a model or 3DM file. It provides simple ways fo find components by id or name. The function ONX_Model.Manifest() returns the manifest of the ONX_Model. When merging models, ON_ManifestMap can be used to efficiently manage name and id collisions.