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Add a Linear Dimension

Demonstrates how to add a linear dimension object.


// The following is a demonstration of how to interactively add a linear dimension object to Rhino.
CRhinoCommand::result CCommandTest::RunCommand( const CRhinoCommandContext& context )
  CRhinoLinearDimension* pDim = 0;

  CArgsRhinoDimLinear args;
  args.SetFirstPointPrompt( L"First dimension point" );
  args.SetSecondPointPrompt( L"Second dimension point" );
  args.SetDragPointPrompt( L"Dimension location" );
  args.SetIsInteractive( context.IsInteractive() ? true : false );

  CRhinoCommand::result rc = RhinoGetDimLinear( args, pDim, 0 );

  if( rc == success && pDim )
    context.m_doc.AddObject( pDim, FALSE);

  return rc;