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Create Center Point on Closed Curve

Demonstrates how to mark the center points of closed planar curves with a point object using RhinoScript.


Sub MarkCenterPoints()
  Dim curves, crv, pt, arr
  curves = Rhino.GetObjects("Select closed planar curves", 4, ,True)
  If IsArray(curves) Then
    Rhino.EnableRedraw False
    For Each crv In curves
      pt = vbNull
      If Rhino.IsCircle(crv) Then
        pt = Rhino.CircleCenterPoint(crv)
        arr = Rhino.CurveAreaCentroid(crv)
        If IsArray(arr) Then pt = arr(0)
      End If
      If IsArray(pt) Then
        Rhino.SelectObject Rhino.AddPoint(pt)
      End If
    Rhino.EnableRedraw True
  End If
End Sub