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This site is the canonical source for developer documentation relating to Rhino, Grasshopper, and other companion products. The goal of this site is to provide a clear, easy-to-navigate, reference, with consistent formatting and nomenclature.

For contributors or administrators, the following guides are necessary reading:


The following guides and samples have TODO items listed in their yaml


  1. (C/C++) Adding RhinoScript Support needs to be reviewed to check to see if steps are up to date. New screencaptures as well.
  2. (C/C++) Adding a NURBS Curve from Control Points needs more explanation in order to be a guide
  3. (C/C++) Brep Data Structure needs explanation, diagram style update
  4. (Grasshopper) Component Installers (Windows) needs porting from: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/how-do-i-install-a-custom-ghx
  5. (Grasshopper) Components with a variable number of parameters needs porting from: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/gha-developers-implementing-variable-parameters
  6. (Compute) Compute: Features needs editing
  7. (C/C++) Crash Dump Analysis needs screen-capture update and overall review.
  8. (C/C++) Creating Plugins that use the LAN Zoo needs to be compared to RhinoCommon version
  9. (RhinoCommon) Creating Plugins that use the LAN Zoo needs to be compared with creating-zoo-plugins
  10. (C/C++) Creating your first C/C++ plugin for Rhino needs new screenshots, review, and cleanup. Consider breaking out Adding Commands.
  11. (C/C++) Defining New Plugin Commands needs to be reviewed for accuracy and considered for consolidation with other plugin topics
  12. (RhinoCommonC/C++) Digitally Signing LAN Zoo Plugins move out of Zoo because it applies to both Zoo and Rhino plugins
  13. (General) Essential Mathematics for Computational Design This needs to be shimmed for Mac Platform.
  14. (Grasshopper) Extending the GUI For David R: finish interaction section
  15. (C/C++) Installing Tools (Windows) needs to be written.
  16. (RhinoCommonC/C++) Plugin Installers (Windows) Also port from http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/rhinoinstallerengine/cpp
  17. (C/C++) Plugin Loading needs to be reviewed or consolidated with other plugin guides
  18. (C/C++) Plugin Search Order needs to be reviewed and consolidated with other plugin guides
  19. (C/C++) Running Rhino from the Command Line needs to be reclassified as a General guide if we can add macOS specifics
  20. (RhinoScript) Running Scripts from Macros needs review and updated screencaptures
  21. (Compute) Running and Debugging Compute Locally needs editing
  22. (C/C++RhinoScript) Scripting Methods for RDK (Windows) needs cleanup and formatting work and to be added to rhinoscript guides
  23. (C/C++) Textures and Mappings needs review and more explanatory content.
  24. (C/C++) Transforming Breps needs more explanatory content.
  25. (C/C++) User Data downloadable samples should be moved to GitHub and linked
  26. (RhinoPythonRhinoCommon) Using RhinoCommon from Python needs more information.
  27. (RhinoScript) What are VBScript and RhinoScript? needs a bit more information to guide users through how to learn VBS.
  28. (RhinoPython) What is Rhino.Python? needs more GHPython info.
  29. (Grasshopper) What is a Grasshopper Component? needs to be reviewed for accuracy. Also, needs a little more high-level info
  30. (C/C++) What is the RDK? needs cleanup, standardization, editing, new images, etc.
  31. (C/C++) What's New? needs review and the original contained links to empty wiki entries.
  32. (RhinoCommon) What's New? needs review
  33. (C/C++) Your First Renderer Plugin (Windows) needs porting from: http://developer.rhino3d.com/files/rhino_rdk_documentation.pdf


  1. (RhinoPython) Make a Circle with RhinoCommon Why is this not a RhinoCommon sample?


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