Many McNeel projects are open-source and on GitHub. RhinoCommon - our cross-platform .NET SDK - is a great example. Even this very website you are reading now. Browse source, fork a repo, correct a typo: we welcome participation and pull-requests.

Discourse is the McNeel forum. This is the fastest place to get help. Specific categories to post in are:

Report Bugs

Whenever you encounter something that doesn’t work as it should, we’d love it if you could file a bug report. Please report issues or bugs with our APIs or SDKs on the appropriate Discourse category, above.

This website

This website is open source on GitHub. If you find errors or think a page could be improved, just click the “Edit page on GitHub” link at the bottom of any page. If you are a McNeel employee, you should already have permissions to commit to this repository. If you are a Rhino Plugin Developer, you can request permissions to commit. Anyone can clone the repository and submit a pull-request.

This site uses Markdown as the base-format for all content.

To get started authoring content for this site, please read the following guides:

You may also want to take a look at the Admin page.


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