Compute: Features
Windows only

Compute can:

  • Calculate Grasshopper definitions online in a serial or parallel solutions.
  • Manipulate Rhino (3DM) and other file types anywhere on the net.
  • Call to over 2400+ geometric operations on custom objects from within existing processes online. Including points, curves, surfaces, meshes and solids.

Compute Features

  • Do geometry calculations through a cloud based stateless REST API.
  • Access 2400+ RhinoCommon API calls from outside Rhino.
  • Access to additional RhinoCommon functions not available in openNURBS, including:
  • Closest point calculations
  • Intersection calculations
  • Surface tessellation (meshing)
  • Interpolation
  • Booleans
  • Area and mass property calculations
  • Other miscellaneous geometry calculations
  • Extendable REST method calls through a common declaration.
  • Access existing Rhino/Grasshopper plugins through the online interface.
  • Serialize operations in one request through grasshopper or python scripts.
  • Client side libraries available for use with standalone C#(.NET), Python and JavaScript.

Open Source:

Based on Rhino Inside™ technology, compute is an open source project.