Adjusting Isocurve Density
Windows only


When creating a new surface from a selected curve, it is always a single isocurve crossing the surface. One has to adjust isocurve density after the fact from Rhino’s Properties window. It is possible to do this automatically from a plugin?


The isocurve density for surface object is stored on the object’s attributes. For C/C++ plugins, this would be the CRhinoObjectAttributes and ON_3dmObjectAttributes classes. Just set the m_wire_density property. Note: setting this property to zero (0) will disable the display of isocurves for that object.


CRhinoCommand::result CCommandFooBar::RunCommand( const CRhinoCommandContext& context )
  CRhinoGetObject go;
  go.SetGeometryFilter( CRhinoGetObject::surface_object );
  go.GetObjects( 1, 1 );
  if( go.CommandResult() == CRhinoCommand::success )
    const CRhinoObjRef& objref = go.Object(0);
    const CRhinoBrepObject* brep_obj = CRhinoBrepObject::Cast( objref.Object() );
    if( brep_obj )
      CRhinoObjectAttributes atts = brep_obj->Attributes();
      atts.m_wire_density = 3; // for example
      context.m_doc.ModifyObjectAttributes( objref, atts );

  return go.CommandResult();