Running Rhino from the Command Line
Windows only


Under some circumstances, it is useful to run Rhino from the command prompt. Perhaps you are batch processing many files, or maybe you need to run Rhino from a render farm management system. Rhino provides command line options (arguments) to allow you to do exactly this.

Rhino for Windows

The format is:

Rhino.exe /runscript="-command -secondCommand"

For example, if you want to start Rhino with a file called hdri_test.3dm, render it with the built-in renderer, save the file, and exit Rhino, you would pass this:

"C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\Rhino.exe" /runscript="_SetCurrentRenderPlugIn Rhinoceros _Render _-SaveRenderWindowAs test.jpg _-CloseRenderWindow _-Exit" test.3dm

Command line options

The following command line options are available in Rhino for Windows:

  • /safemode: Start in safe mode.
  • /nosplash: Suppress startup splash screen.
  • /bigdump: When Rhino crashes, include the full memory content and, also, call stack information. This can generate huge crash dumps – as big as the amount of RAM Rhino is using when it crashes.
  • /notemplate: Start Rhino with a default model based on hard-coded defaults.
  • /language: Set the startup language. For example, to start in Spanish, pass /language=1034.
  • /scheme: Use a custom scheme. This is used by third party developers that include custom schemes.
  • /runscript: Run a script at startup.