Cloud Zoo Product Object


    "id": "06eb1079-5a56-47a1-aw6d-0b4518fd894b",
    "creationDate": 1559928168,
    "iss": "mcneel",
    "format": {
        "length": {
            "min": 24,
            "max": 24
        "prefix": "RMA7-",
        "example": "RMA7-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX",
        "regexFilter": "[A-Za-z0-9]"
    "version": "6",
    "platforms": [
    "picture": "",
    "downloadUrl": "",
    "titles": {
        "en": "Rhino WIP"


  • id (readonly) - A lowercase GUID that uniquely describes each product. This GUID must be unique in the entire system.
  • creationDate (readonly) - A unix timestamp in seconds representing the date the product was added to Cloud Zoo.
  • iss (readonly) - The id of the issuer as registered with Cloud Zoo.
  • format - A License Format object. Cloud Zoo will send all requests to add a license to the system to the issuer of the product whose license format matches the given license key.
  • version - The version of the product that this license represents. This string is user facing and will be used in Rhino as well as in the Licenses Portal.
  • platforms - An array of supported platforms for this license. Currently, only Windows and Mac are supported.
  • picture - A url where an icon for this product may be found. The icon must not be larger than 1MP.
  • downloadUrl - A url where the actual software the product represents may be downloaded. This link will be publicly available to users.
  • titles - A dictionary of localized product names. Each key represents an ISO 639-1 language code. You may specify a two letter country code after the language with a dash or an underscore (i.e. such as zh-tw, case insensitive). If that exact language id is not available for a particular task in the system, the system will attempt to use a more generic language id (i.e. for example, if es-CO is not available, then the system will try to use es). If the region agnostic language id is also not available, en (English) will be used. At least one key-value pair must be present, preferably in English.