Lengths of Curves
Windows only


Imagine you wish to list of lengths for a selected series of curves. The Length command gives a composite length and the list command does not give the curve lengths. You can work around these limitations with a RhinoScript.


The following RhinoScript code demonstrates how to do the above…

Option Explicit

Sub CurveLength ()
  Dim arrCurves, dblTotal, dblLength, i
  dblTotal = 0.0
  arrCurves = Rhino.GetObjects("Select curves for length calculation", 4, True, True)
  If IsArray(arrCurves) Then
    For i = 0 To UBound(arrCurves)
      dblLength = Rhino.CurveLength(arrCurves(i))
      Rhino.Print("Curve" & CStr(i) & " = " & CStr(dblLength))
      dblTotal = dblTotal + dblLength
    Rhino.Print "Total length: " & " = " & CStr(dblTotal)
  End If
End Sub