Persistent Settings
Windows only


It can be annoying to enter the same custom parameter each time you run a script.


The following script demonstrates how to use a private variable to store a parameter during a Rhino session.

' How to script with persisting settings
' Jess Maertterer - 20.12.2004
Option Explicit
Private dblLength

If IsEmpty(dblLength) Then
  dblLength = 2.00
End If

Sub Extend_Curve_Length_Persist
  Dim arrCurves, strCurve, dblResult
  arrCurves = Rhino.GetObjects("Select curves to extend", 4)
  If Not IsNull(arrCurves) Then
    dblResult = Rhino.GetReal("Length to extend", dblLength,0.00)
    If Not IsNull(dblResult) Then
      dblLength = dblResult
      For Each strCurve in arrCurves
        Rhino.ExtendCurveLength strCurve, 2, 2, dblLength
    End If
  End If
End Sub

If your script should remember the settings from the last session, then you have to use the RhinoScript methods SaveSettings and GetSettings to access a separate .ini file.