VBScript String Literals
Windows only


In VBScript, you enclose strings with double quote characters, and you use the ampersand (&) operator to concatenate strings. For example:

Dim s
s = "Hello"
s = "Hello" & " Rhino!"

What if you want to assign "Hello Rhino!" (including the quotes) to the variables? In VBScript, you can use two double quote characters to include a double quote character in the string. For example:

Dim s
s = "Hello Rhino!"

Alternatively you can use the Chr(34) construct:

Dim s
s = Chr(34) & "Hello Rhino" & Chr(34)

Or, to make your code more readable, you can write a function…

Function Quote(ByVal s)
	Quote = Null
	If (VarType(s) = vbString) Then
		Quote = Chr(34) & CStr(s) & Chr(34)
End If
End Function


Dim s
s = Quote("Hello Rhino!")