Custom Package Repositories

This is a quick guide to configuring custom package repositories in Rhino.

By default Rhino uses the official McNeel package server - In addition (or instead!), it’s possible to configure Rhino to use your own package repositories.

A custom package repository is simply a folder that contains .yak package files. The folder can be on the local machine or on a shared file server. You can configure Rhino to include packages from this repository in the Package Manager by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Options > Advanced and look for the Rhino.PackageManager.Sources setting.
  2. Add the full path to your package repository folder, separating it from the default package server with a semi-colon, e.g.;C:\rhino_packages.
  3. Run the _PackageManager command and search for one of the packages that you added to the new package repository.