Rhino C++ API  8.8
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ON_CageMorph Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_nurbssurface.h>

Inheritance diagram for ON_CageMorph:

Public Member Functions

 ON_CageMorph ()
virtual ~ON_CageMorph ()
bool IsIdentity (const ON_BoundingBox &bbox) const override
ON_3dPoint MorphPoint (ON_3dPoint point) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_SpaceMorph
 ON_SpaceMorph ()
virtual ~ON_SpaceMorph ()
virtual bool Ev1Der (ON_3dPoint rst, ON_3dPoint &xyz, ON_3dVector &Dr, ON_3dVector &Ds, ON_3dVector &Dt) const
bool IsIdentity (const class ON_Curve &Crv, double tol) const
bool IsIdentity (const class ON_Surface &Srf, double tol) const
bool IsIdentity (const ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dPoint > &Points, double tol) const
virtual ON_4dPoint Morph4dPoint (ON_4dPoint point) const
void MorphPointList (int dim, bool is_rat, int count, int stride, double *point) const
void MorphPointList (int dim, bool is_rat, int count, int stride, float *point) const
virtual ON_3dVector MorphVector (ON_3dPoint tail_point, ON_3dVector vector) const
bool PreserveStructure () const
bool QuickPreview () const
void SetPreserveStructure (bool bPreserveStructure)
void SetQuickPreview (bool bQuickPreview)
void SetTolerance (double tolerance)
double Tolerance () const

Public Attributes

const ON_MorphControlm_control

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_CageMorph()

ON_CageMorph::ON_CageMorph ( )

◆ ~ON_CageMorph()

virtual ON_CageMorph::~ON_CageMorph ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsIdentity()

bool ON_CageMorph::IsIdentity ( const ON_BoundingBox bbox) const

Description: Provides a quick way to determine if a morph function is the identity (doesn't move the points) on a region of space. Parameters: bbox - [in] region of space to test. Returns: The default always returns false. If you override this function, then return true when every point in the bounding box is fixed by the morph.

Reimplemented from ON_SpaceMorph.

◆ MorphPoint()

ON_3dPoint ON_CageMorph::MorphPoint ( ON_3dPoint  point) const

Description: Morphs euclidean point. Parameters: point - [in] Returns: Morphed point.
Remarks: If you are morphing simple objects like points and meshes, then you can simply morph the locations. If you are morphing more complicated objects like NURBS geometry, then your override should pay attention to the values of m_bQuickPreview, m_bPreserveStructure, and m_tolerance.

Implements ON_SpaceMorph.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_control

const ON_MorphControl* ON_CageMorph::m_control