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ON_Hash32TableItem Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_hash_table.h>

Public Member Functions

 ON_Hash32TableItem ()=default
 ON_Hash32TableItem (const ON_Hash32TableItem &)=default
 ~ON_Hash32TableItem ()=default
void ClearHashTableSerialNumberForExperts ()
ON__UINT32 HashTableItemHash () const
ON__UINT32 HashTableSerialNumber () const
ON_Hash32TableItemoperator= (const ON_Hash32TableItem &)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static ON__UINT32 Hash32FromId (const ON_UUID &id)
static ON__UINT32 Hash32FromSHA1Hash (const class ON_SHA1_Hash &sha1_hash)


class ON_Hash32Table

Detailed Description

/ / Copyright (c) 1993-2016 Robert McNeel & Associates. All rights reserved. / OpenNURBS, Rhinoceros, and Rhino3D are registered trademarks of Robert / McNeel & Associates. / / THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. / ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND OF / MERCHANTABILITY ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. /
/ For complete openNURBS copyright information see http://www.opennurbs.org. / ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// defines ON_Hash32Table

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_Hash32TableItem() [1/2]

ON_Hash32TableItem::ON_Hash32TableItem ( )

◆ ~ON_Hash32TableItem()

ON_Hash32TableItem::~ON_Hash32TableItem ( )

◆ ON_Hash32TableItem() [2/2]

ON_Hash32TableItem::ON_Hash32TableItem ( const ON_Hash32TableItem )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearHashTableSerialNumberForExperts()

void ON_Hash32TableItem::ClearHashTableSerialNumberForExperts ( )

Description: Useful when copying hash tables to remove the hash table reference from a copied hash item. Never remove the hash table reference from an item that is still in a hash table.

◆ Hash32FromId()

static ON__UINT32 ON_Hash32TableItem::Hash32FromId ( const ON_UUID id)

◆ Hash32FromSHA1Hash()

static ON__UINT32 ON_Hash32TableItem::Hash32FromSHA1Hash ( const class ON_SHA1_Hash sha1_hash)

◆ HashTableItemHash()

ON__UINT32 ON_Hash32TableItem::HashTableItemHash ( ) const

Returns: If this item has been added to an ON_Hash32Table.AddItem(hash32,item pointer) then the value of hash3d passed as the first argument to ON_Hash32Table.AddItem(hash32,item pointer) is returned. This is the value the ON_Hash32Table uses for this item. Othewise 0 is returned. Remarks: This function is useful when copying hash tables.

count = src_hash_table.ItemCount(); MyHashTableItems src_items[count]; ///< items added to src_hash_table

/ copy src_hash_table MyHashTableItems copied_items[count]; copied_items = src_items; for (unsigned i = 0; i < count; ++i) { ON_SubDSurfaceInterpolatortHash32TableItem& hitem = copied_items[i]; hitem.ClearHashTableSerialNumberForExperts(); m_htable.AddItem(hitem.HashTableItemHash(), &hitem); }

◆ HashTableSerialNumber()

ON__UINT32 ON_Hash32TableItem::HashTableSerialNumber ( ) const

◆ operator=()

ON_Hash32TableItem& ON_Hash32TableItem::operator= ( const ON_Hash32TableItem )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ON_Hash32Table

friend class ON_Hash32Table