Rhino C++ API  8.7
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ON_MeshFaceList Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_mesh.h>

Public Member Functions

 ON_MeshFaceList ()
 ON_MeshFaceList (const ON_Mesh *mesh)
unsigned int FaceCount () const
size_t FaceStride () const
unsigned int FaceVertexCount () const
const unsigned int * Fvi (unsigned int face_index) const
unsigned int GetVertexIndexInterval (unsigned int minimum_valid_vertex_index, unsigned int maximum_valid_vertex_index, unsigned int *minimum_vertex_index, unsigned int *maximum_vertex_index) const
bool IsQuad (unsigned int face_index) const
unsigned int * QuadFvi (unsigned int face_index, unsigned int buffer[4]) const
unsigned int SetFromMesh (const ON_Mesh *mesh)
unsigned int SetFromQuadList (size_t quad_count, size_t quad_stride, const unsigned int *quads)
unsigned int SetFromTriangleList (size_t triangle_count, size_t triangle_stride, const unsigned int *triangles)

Static Public Attributes

static const ON_MeshFaceList EmptyFaceList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_MeshFaceList() [1/2]

ON_MeshFaceList::ON_MeshFaceList ( )

◆ ON_MeshFaceList() [2/2]

ON_MeshFaceList::ON_MeshFaceList ( const ON_Mesh mesh)

Member Function Documentation

◆ FaceCount()

unsigned int ON_MeshFaceList::FaceCount ( ) const

◆ FaceStride()

size_t ON_MeshFaceList::FaceStride ( ) const

◆ FaceVertexCount()

unsigned int ON_MeshFaceList::FaceVertexCount ( ) const

◆ Fvi()

const unsigned int* ON_MeshFaceList::Fvi ( unsigned int  face_index) const

◆ GetVertexIndexInterval()

unsigned int ON_MeshFaceList::GetVertexIndexInterval ( unsigned int  minimum_valid_vertex_index,
unsigned int  maximum_valid_vertex_index,
unsigned int *  minimum_vertex_index,
unsigned int *  maximum_vertex_index 
) const

Description: Get the minimum and maximum vertex indices referenced by a face in the list. Parameters: minimum_valid_vertex_index - [in] Any face with a vertex index < minimum_valid_vertex_index will be ignored. maximum_valid_vertex_index - [in] Any face with a vertex index > maximum_valid_vertex_index will be ignored. minimum_vertex_index - [out] maximum_vertex_index - [out] If there are no valid faces, then both output values are 0. Returns: Number of valid faces.

◆ IsQuad()

bool ON_MeshFaceList::IsQuad ( unsigned int  face_index) const

◆ QuadFvi()

unsigned int* ON_MeshFaceList::QuadFvi ( unsigned int  face_index,
unsigned int  buffer[4] 
) const

◆ SetFromMesh()

unsigned int ON_MeshFaceList::SetFromMesh ( const ON_Mesh mesh)

◆ SetFromQuadList()

unsigned int ON_MeshFaceList::SetFromQuadList ( size_t  quad_count,
size_t  quad_stride,
const unsigned int *  quads 

◆ SetFromTriangleList()

unsigned int ON_MeshFaceList::SetFromTriangleList ( size_t  triangle_count,
size_t  triangle_stride,
const unsigned int *  triangles 

Member Data Documentation

◆ EmptyFaceList

const ON_MeshFaceList ON_MeshFaceList::EmptyFaceList