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GH_DocumentScheduleSolution Method (Int32)

Schedule a new solution after a specified time interval. The schedule is erased if another solution is triggered before the schedule is executed. Tight schedules override loose schedules. If this method is called during a solution, the schedule will be started after the current solution completes.

Namespace:  Grasshopper.Kernel
Assembly:  Grasshopper (in Grasshopper.dll)
public void ScheduleSolution(
	int delay


Type: SystemInt32
The delay (in milliseconds) between the completion of this solution and the start of the scheduled solution. If the delay is 1ms or more, a timer will be used to trigger a new solution sometime in the future. If a delay of 0ms is used, then the next solution will run recursively within the current solution. You should not use a delay of zero milliseconds too often as it will cause the Rhino process to run out of stack-space. The SolutionDepth property can be used to see how deeply recursive the solution currently is.
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