Revoking authorization tokens

Once you have obtained an OAuth 2 Token, you can use it in any authentication workflow you wish. There may come a time, however, when the token is no longer needed. In such cases, it is highly recommended that your software has a way of revoking the OAuth 2 token. Revoking a token will generate a network request to the Rhino Accounts server which will invalidate the token so that it can no longer be used.

Important Note: RevokeTokenAsync must be executed inside a protected function that is passed to ExecuteProtectedCodeAsync. This is done to make sure that only a valid, signed assembly can retrieve auth tokens. Code inside the protected function should be kept as small as possible for performance and security reasons.

using Rhino.Runtime.RhinoAccounts;


await RhinoAccountsManager.ExecuteProtectedCodeAsync(async (SecretKey secretKey) =>
	await RhinoAccountsManager.RevokeAuthTokenAsync(oauth2Token, secretKey, CancellationToken.None);