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CRhinoMeshRef Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkGetObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhinoMeshRef:
CRhinoObjRef ON_ObjRef

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoMeshRef ()
 CRhinoMeshRef (const CRhinoMeshRef &)
 CRhinoMeshRef (CRhinoObject *, ON_Mesh *, BOOL)
 ~CRhinoMeshRef ()
const ON_MeshMesh () const
 mesh object More...
CRhinoMeshRefoperator= (const CRhinoMeshRef &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoObjRef
 CRhinoObjRef ()
 CRhinoObjRef (class CRhinoPolyEdge *polyedge, ON_3dmObjectAttributes *attributes)
 CRhinoObjRef (const class CRhinoDoc &doc, class CRhinoPolyEdge *polyedge, const ON_3dmObjectAttributes *attributes)
 CRhinoObjRef (const CRhinoObject *object)
 CRhinoObjRef (const CRhinoObject *object, const class CRhinoGetObject &go)
 CRhinoObjRef (const CRhinoObject *object, const CRhinoPickContext &pick_context)
 CRhinoObjRef (const CRhinoObject *object, const ON_Geometry *geometry, BOOL bProxyGeometry)
 CRhinoObjRef (const CRhinoObjRef &)
 CRhinoObjRef (const ON_ObjRef &)
 CRhinoObjRef (const UUID &object_uuid)
 CRhinoObjRef (unsigned int doc_sn, const ON_ObjRef &)
 CRhinoObjRef (unsigned int doc_sn, const UUID &object_uuid)
 ~CRhinoObjRef ()
const ON_AnnotationAnnotation () const
const ON_AnnotationAnnotationParameter (double *annotation_parameter) const
bool BindToRuntimeObject ()
const ON_BrepBrep () const
const ON_CurveCurve () const
const ON_CurveCurveParameter (double *curve_parameter) const
void DecrementReferenceCount ()
unsigned int DocumentRuntimeSerialNumber () const
const ON_BrepEdgeEdge () const
const ON_BrepEdgeEdge (bool bAllowProxy) const
const ON_ExtrusionExtrusion () const
const ON_BrepFaceFace () const
const ON_BrepFaceFace (bool bAllowProxy) const
int Flags () const
const ON_GeometryGeometry () const
ON_COMPONENT_INDEX GeometryComponentIndex () const
CRhinoObject::GEOMETRY_TYPE GeometryType () const
const class CRhinoInstanceObjectGetInstanceTransformation (ON_Xform &xform, ON_SimpleArray< CNestedIRef > *nested_iref=0) const
bool IsSubGeometry () const
const ON_LightLight () const
const ON_BrepLoopLoop () const
const ON_MeshMesh () const
const ON_MeshComponentRefMeshComponentRef () const
const CRhinoObjectObject () const
ON_UUID ObjectUuid () const
bool operator!= (const CRhinoObjRef &) const
CRhinoObjRefoperator= (const CRhinoObjRef &)
bool operator== (const CRhinoObjRef &) const
const ON_PointPoint () const
const ON_PointCloudPointCloud () const
unsigned int RhinoObjectRuntimeSerialNumber () const
const ON_TextContentRichText () const
double SelectionDepth () const
double SelectionDistance () const
int SelectionMethod () const
bool SelectionPoint (ON_3dPoint &) const
int SelectionStyle () const
class CRhinoViewSelectionView () const
unsigned int SelectionViewDetailSerialNumber () const
void SetAnnotationSelectionPoint (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, const ON_3dPoint &point)
void SetCurveSelectionPoint (double curve_parameter, const ON_3dPoint &point)
void SetDetails (int flags, CRhinoObject::GEOMETRY_TYPE geotype, ON_COMPONENT_INDEX ci)
void SetEdgeSelectionPoint (double edge_parameter, const ON_3dPoint &point, const ON_BrepEdge &edge, const ON_BrepTrim &trim)
bool SetMeshEdgeSelectionPoint (int edge_index, double t, const ON_MeshTopology &meshtop)
bool SetMeshFaceSelectionPoint (int face_index, const double t[4], const ON_Mesh &mesh)
bool SetMeshVertexSelectionPoint (int vertex_index, const ON_Mesh &mesh)
bool SetParentInstanceObject (const class CRhinoInstanceObject *iref_object, int idef_geometry_index)
void SetSelectionComponent (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index)
void SetSelectionDepth (double)
void SetSelectionDetailView (class CRhinoView *page_view, unsigned int detail_object_sn)
void SetSelectionDistance (double)
void SetSelectionPoint (const ON_3dPoint &point)
void SetSelectionView (class CRhinoView *)
void SetSurfaceSelectionPoint (double u, double v, const ON_3dPoint &point)
const ON_SubDSubD () const
const ON_SubDComponentPtr SubDComponent () const
const ON_SubDComponentRefSubDComponentRef () const
const ON_SubDEdgeSubDEdge () const
const ON_SubDComponentRef SubDEdgeRef () const
const ON_SubDFaceSubDFace () const
const ON_SubDComponentRef SubDFaceRef () const
ON_SubDRef SubDRef () const
const ON_SubDVertexSubDVertex () const
const ON_SubDComponentRef SubDVertexRef () const
const ON_SurfaceSurface () const
const ON_SurfaceSurfaceParameter (double *u, double *v) const
const ON_BrepTrimTrim () const
const ON_BrepTrimTrim (bool bAllowProxy) const
const ON_BrepTrimTrimParameter (double *trim_parameter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_ObjRef
 ON_ObjRef ()
 ON_ObjRef (const ON_ObjRef &src)
 ~ON_ObjRef ()
void DecrementProxyReferenceCount ()
void Destroy ()
ON_ObjRefoperator= (const ON_ObjRef &src)
const ON_ObjectProxyObject (int proxy_object_index) const
int ProxyReferenceCount () const
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &)
void RemapObjectId (const ON_SimpleArray< ON_UuidPair > &uuid_remap)
bool SetParentIRef (const ON_InstanceRef &iref, ON_UUID iref_id, int idef_geometry_index)
void SetProxy (ON_Object *proxy1, ON_Object *proxy2, bool bCountReferences)
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ON_ObjRef
ON_SimpleArray< ON_ObjRef_IRefIDm__iref
ON_COMPONENT_INDEX m_component_index
ON_ObjRefEvaluationParameter m_evp
const ON_Geometrym_geometry
int m_geometry_type
ON::osnap_mode m_osnap_mode
const ON_Geometrym_parent_geometry
ON_3dPoint m_point
unsigned int m_runtime_sn
ON_UUID m_uuid

Detailed Description

CRhinoMeshRef is used to return mesh objects CLASS CRhinoMeshRef

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoMeshRef() [1/3]

CRhinoMeshRef::CRhinoMeshRef ( )

◆ CRhinoMeshRef() [2/3]

CRhinoMeshRef::CRhinoMeshRef ( CRhinoObject ,
ON_Mesh ,

◆ ~CRhinoMeshRef()

CRhinoMeshRef::~CRhinoMeshRef ( )

◆ CRhinoMeshRef() [3/3]

CRhinoMeshRef::CRhinoMeshRef ( const CRhinoMeshRef )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Mesh()

const ON_Mesh* CRhinoMeshRef::Mesh ( ) const

mesh object

◆ operator=()

CRhinoMeshRef& CRhinoMeshRef::operator= ( const CRhinoMeshRef )