Rhino C++ API  8.9
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ON_BrepEdge Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_brep.h>

Inheritance diagram for ON_BrepEdge:
ON_CurveProxy ON_Curve ON_Geometry ON_Object

Public Member Functions

 ON_BrepEdge ()
 ON_BrepEdge (int)
 edge index More...
ON_BrepBrep () const
bool ChangeEdgeCurve (int c3i)
ON_COMPONENT_INDEX ComponentIndex () const override
 virtual ON_Geometry::ComponentIndex() override More...
ON__UINT32 DataCRC (ON__UINT32 current_remainder) const override
 virtual ON_Object::DataCRC override More...
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const override
 virtual ON_Object::Dump() override More...
int EdgeCurveIndexOf () const
 Implementation. More...
const ON_CurveEdgeCurveOf () const
bool Get3dVectorsIntoFaces (double edge_t, ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dVector > &V, ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dVector > &N) const
bool IsClosed () const override
 virtual ON_Curve::IsClosed override More...
bool IsSmoothManifoldEdge (double angle_tolerance=ON_DEFAULT_ANGLE_TOLERANCE) const
bool IsValid (class ON_TextLog *text_log=nullptr) const override
ON::object_type ObjectType () const override
ON_BrepEdgeoperator= (const ON_BrepEdge &)
unsigned int ProxyBrepSubDEdgeId () const
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &) override
 virtual ON_Object::Read() override More...
bool Reverse () override
 virtual ON_Curve::Reverse override More...
unsigned int SizeOf () const override
 virtual ON_Object::SizeOf override More...
ON_BrepTrimTrim (int eti) const
int TrimCount () const
void UnsetPlineEdgeParameters ()
ON_BrepVertexVertex (int evi) const
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const override
 virtual ON_Object::Write() override More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_CurveProxy
 ON_CurveProxy () ON_NOEXCEPT
 ON_CurveProxy (const ON_Curve *)
 ON_CurveProxy (const ON_Curve *, ON_Interval)
 ON_CurveProxy (const ON_CurveProxy &)
virtual ~ON_CurveProxy ()
ON__UINT32 DataCRC (ON__UINT32 current_remainder) const override
 virtual ON_Object::DataCRC override More...
int Degree () const override
void DestroyRuntimeCache (bool bDelete=true) override
 virtual ON_Object::DestroyRuntimeCache override More...
int Dimension () const override
 ON_Geometry overrides. More...
ON_Interval Domain () const override
 ON_Curve overrides. More...
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const override
 for debugging More...
ON_CurveDuplicateCurve () const override
bool Evaluate (double, int, int, double *, int=0, int *=0) const override
 Domain changes from [a,b] to [-b,-a]. More...
bool GetBBox (double *boxmin, double *boxmax, bool bGrowBox=false) const override
 virtual ON_Geometry GetBBox override
bool GetClosestPoint (const ON_3dPoint &, double *, double=0.0, const ON_Interval *=nullptr) const override
bool GetCurveParameterFromNurbFormParameter (double, double *) const override
 virtual ON_Curve::GetCurveParameterFromNurbFormParameter override More...
bool GetLength (double *, double=1.0e-8, const ON_Interval *=nullptr) const override
bool GetLocalClosestPoint (const ON_3dPoint &, double, double *, const ON_Interval *=nullptr) const override
bool GetNextDiscontinuity (ON::continuity c, double t0, double t1, double *t, int *hint=nullptr, int *dtype=nullptr, double cos_angle_tolerance=ON_DEFAULT_ANGLE_TOLERANCE_COSINE, double curvature_tolerance=ON_SQRT_EPSILON) const override
bool GetNormalizedArcLengthPoint (double s, double *t, double fractional_tolerance=1.0e-8, const ON_Interval *sub_domain=nullptr) const override
bool GetNormalizedArcLengthPoints (int count, const double *s, double *t, double absolute_tolerance=0.0, double fractional_tolerance=1.0e-8, const ON_Interval *sub_domain=nullptr) const override
int GetNurbForm (ON_NurbsCurve &, double=0.0, const ON_Interval *=nullptr) const override
bool GetNurbFormParameterFromCurveParameter (double, double *) const override
 virtual ON_Curve::GetNurbFormParameterFromCurveParameter override More...
bool GetParameterTolerance (double, double *, double *) const override
 (optional - override if curve is piecewise smooth) More...
bool GetSpanVector (double *) const override
int HasNurbForm () const override
bool IsArc (const ON_Plane *=nullptr, ON_Arc *=nullptr, double=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE) const override
bool IsClosed (void) const override
bool IsContinuous (ON::continuity c, double t, int *hint=nullptr, double point_tolerance=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE, double d1_tolerance=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE, double d2_tolerance=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE, double cos_angle_tolerance=ON_DEFAULT_ANGLE_TOLERANCE_COSINE, double curvature_tolerance=ON_SQRT_EPSILON) const override
bool IsInPlane (const ON_Plane &, double=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE) const override
bool IsLinear (double=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE) const override
bool IsPeriodic (void) const override
 periodic.) More...
bool IsPlanar (ON_Plane *=nullptr, double=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE) const override
int IsPolyline (ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dPoint > *pline_points=nullptr, ON_SimpleArray< double > *pline_t=nullptr) const override
 virtual override of ON_Curve::IsPolyline More...
bool IsShort (double tolerance, const ON_Interval *sub_domain=0, double *length_estimate=0) const override
bool IsValid (class ON_TextLog *text_log=nullptr) const override
 ON_Object overrides. More...
ON_CurveProxyoperator= (const ON_CurveProxy &)
const ON_CurveProxyCurve () const
ON_Interval ProxyCurveDomain () const
bool ProxyCurveIsReversed () const
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &) override
double RealCurveParameter (double t) const
bool Reverse () override
bool SetDomain (double t0, double t1) override
bool SetDomain (ON_Interval domain)
void SetProxyCurve (const ON_Curve *real_curve)
void SetProxyCurve (const ON_Curve *real_curve, ON_Interval real_curve_subdomain)
bool SetProxyCurveDomain (ON_Interval proxy_curve_subdomain)
unsigned int SizeOf () const override
 virtual ON_Object::SizeOf override More...
int SpanCount () const override
 number of smooth spans in curve More...
bool Split (double t, ON_Curve *&left_side, ON_Curve *&right_side) const override
 override of virtual ON_Curve::Split More...
double ThisCurveParameter (double real_curve_parameter) const
bool Transform (const ON_Xform &) override
bool Trim (const ON_Interval &domain) override
 override of virtual ON_Curve::Trim More...
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Curve
 ON_Curve (const ON_Curve &)
virtual ~ON_Curve ()
bool AreaMassProperties (ON_3dPoint base_point, ON_3dVector plane_normal, ON_MassProperties &mp, bool bArea=true, bool bFirstMoments=true, bool bSecondMoments=true, bool bProductMoments=true, double rel_tol=1.0e-6, double abs_tol=1.0e-6) const
virtual bool ChangeClosedCurveSeam (double t)
bool ChangeClosedCurveSeam (double t, double min_dist)
virtual bool ChangeDimension (int desired_dimension)
virtual class ON_CurveTreeCreateCurveTree () const
ON_3dVector CurvatureAt (double t) const
const class ON_CurveTreeCurveTree () const
ON_3dVector DerivativeAt (double t) const
void DestroyCurveTree ()
bool Ev1Der (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &first_derivative, int side=0, int *hint=0) const
bool Ev2Der (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &first_derivative, ON_3dVector &second_derivative, int side=0, int *hint=0) const
bool EvaluatePoint (const class ON_ObjRef &objref, ON_3dPoint &P) const override
 virtual ON_Geometry override More...
bool EvCurvature (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &tangent, ON_3dVector &kappa, int side=0, int *hint=0) const
bool EvPoint (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, int side=0, int *hint=0) const
bool EvSignedCurvature (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &tangent, double &kappa, const ON_3dVector *normal=nullptr, int side=0, int *hint=0) const
bool EvTangent (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &tangent, int side=0, int *hint=0) const
virtual bool Extend (const ON_Interval &domain)
bool FirstSpanIsLinear (double min_length, double tolerance) const
bool FirstSpanIsLinear (double min_length, double tolerance, ON_Line *span_line) const
bool FrameAt (double t, ON_Plane &plane) const
bool GetDomain (double *t0, double *t1) const
 curve interface More...
virtual bool GetSpanVectorIndex (double t, int side, int *span_vector_index, ON_Interval *span_domain) const
bool GetTightBoundingBox (class ON_BoundingBox &tight_bbox, bool bGrowBox=false, const class ON_Xform *xform=nullptr) const override
 virtual ON_Geometry GetTightBoundingBox override
int IntersectCurve (const ON_Curve *curveB, ON_SimpleArray< ON_X_EVENT > &x, double intersection_tolerance=0.0, double overlap_tolerance=0.0, const ON_Interval *curveA_domain=0, const ON_Interval *curveB_domain=0) const
int IntersectPlane (ON_PlaneEquation plane_equation, ON_SimpleArray< ON_X_EVENT > &x, double intersection_tolerance=0.0, double overlap_tolerance=0.0, const ON_Interval *curve_domain=0) const
virtual int IntersectSelf (ON_SimpleArray< ON_X_EVENT > &x, double intersection_tolerance=0.0, const ON_Interval *curve_domain=0) const
int IntersectSurface (const ON_Surface *surfaceB, ON_SimpleArray< ON_X_EVENT > &x, double intersection_tolerance=0.0, double overlap_tolerance=0.0, const ON_Interval *curveA_domain=0, const ON_Interval *surfaceB_udomain=0, const ON_Interval *surfaceB_vdomain=0) const
bool IsArcAt (double t, const ON_Plane *plane=0, ON_Arc *arc=0, double tolerance=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE, double *t0=0, double *t1=0) const
bool IsClosable (double tolerance, double min_abs_size=0.0, double min_rel_size=10.0) const
virtual bool IsEllipse (const ON_Plane *plane=nullptr, ON_Ellipse *ellipse=nullptr, double tolerance=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE) const
bool LastSpanIsLinear (double min_length, double tolerance) const
bool LastSpanIsLinear (double min_length, double tolerance, ON_Line *span_line) const
bool LengthMassProperties (class ON_MassProperties &mp, bool bLength=true, bool bFirstMoments=true, bool bSecondMoments=true, bool bProductMoments=true, double rel_tol=1.0e-6, double abs_tol=1.0e-6) const
class ON_PolylineCurveMeshCurve (ON_MeshCurveParameters &mp, ON_PolylineCurve *polyline, bool bSkipFirstPoint, const ON_Interval *domain) const
ON_NurbsCurveNurbsCurve (ON_NurbsCurve *pNurbsCurve=nullptr, double tolerance=0.0, const ON_Interval *subdomain=nullptr) const
ON::object_type ObjectType () const override
ON_Curveoperator= (const ON_Curve &)
ON_3dPoint PointAt (double t) const
ON_3dPoint PointAtEnd () const
ON_3dPoint PointAtStart () const
virtual bool RemoveShortSegments (double tolerance, bool bRemoveShortSegments=true)
bool SetDomain (ON_Interval domain)
virtual bool SetEndPoint (ON_3dPoint end_point)
virtual bool SetStartPoint (ON_3dPoint start_point)
double SignedCurvatureAt (double t, const ON_3dVector *plane_normal=nullptr) const
ON_3dVector TangentAt (double t) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Geometry
 ON_Geometry ()=default
 ON_Geometry (const ON_Geometry &)=default
 ~ON_Geometry ()=default
ON_BoundingBox BoundingBox () const
virtual class ON_BrepBrepForm (class ON_Brep *brep=nullptr) const
virtual void ClearBoundingBox ()
bool GetBoundingBox (ON_3dPoint &bbox_min, ON_3dPoint &bbox_max, bool bGrowBox=false) const
bool GetBoundingBox (ON_BoundingBox &bbox, bool bGrowBox=false) const
virtual bool HasBrepForm () const
virtual bool IsDeformable () const
virtual bool IsMorphable () const
bool IsValid (class ON_TextLog *text_log=nullptr) const override
virtual bool MakeDeformable ()
virtual bool Morph (const class ON_SpaceMorph &morph)
ON_Geometryoperator= (const ON_Geometry &)=default
bool Rotate (double rotation_angle, const ON_3dVector &rotation_axis, const ON_3dPoint &rotation_center)
bool Rotate (double sin_angle, double cos_angle, const ON_3dVector &rotation_axis, const ON_3dPoint &rotation_center)
bool Scale (double scale_factor)
virtual bool SwapCoordinates (int i, int j)
const ON_BoundingBox TightBoundingBox () const
bool Translate (const ON_3dVector &translation_vector)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Object
 ON_Object (const ON_Object &)
virtual ~ON_Object ()
virtual ON_AggregateComponentStatus AggregateComponentStatus () const
bool AttachUserData (class ON_UserData *pUserData)
unsigned int ClearAllComponentStates () const
virtual unsigned int ClearComponentStates (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, ON_ComponentStatus states_to_clear) const
virtual unsigned int ClearComponentStates (ON_ComponentStatus states_to_clear) const
void CopyUserData (const ON_Object &source_object)
unsigned int CopyUserData (const ON_Object &source_object, ON_UUID source_userdata_item_id, ON_Object::UserDataConflictResolution userdata_conflict_resolution)
virtual bool DeleteComponents (const ON_COMPONENT_INDEX *ci_list, size_t ci_count)
bool DetachUserData (class ON_UserData *pUserData)
void EmergencyDestroy ()
class ON_UserDataFirstUserData () const
virtual unsigned int GetComponentsWithSetStates (ON_ComponentStatus states_filter, bool bAllEqualStates, ON_SimpleArray< ON_COMPONENT_INDEX > &components) const
class ON_UserDataGetUserData (const ON_UUID &userdata_uuid) const
bool GetUserString (const wchar_t *key, ON_wString &string_value) const
int GetUserStringKeys (ON_ClassArray< ON_wString > &user_string_keys) const
int GetUserStrings (ON_ClassArray< ON_UserString > &user_strings) const
bool IsCorrupt (bool bRepair, bool bSilentError, class ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsKindOf (const ON_ClassId *pClassId) const
virtual void MarkAggregateComponentStatusAsNotCurrent () const
virtual void MemoryRelocate ()
virtual ON_UUID ModelObjectId () const
void MoveUserData (ON_Object &source_object)
unsigned int MoveUserData (ON_Object &source_object, ON_UUID source_userdata_item_id, ON_Object::UserDataConflictResolution userdata_conflict_resolution, bool bDeleteAllSourceItems)
ON_Objectoperator= (const ON_Object &)
void PurgeUserData ()
virtual unsigned int SetComponentStates (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, ON_ComponentStatus states_to_set) const
virtual unsigned int SetComponentStatus (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, ON_ComponentStatus status_to_copy) const
bool SetUserString (const wchar_t *key, const wchar_t *string_value)
int SetUserStrings (int count, const ON_UserString *user_strings, bool bReplace)
bool ThisIsNullptr (bool bSilentError) const
void TransformUserData (const class ON_Xform &xform)
virtual bool UpdateReferencedComponents (const class ON_ComponentManifest &source_manifest, const class ON_ComponentManifest &destination_manifest, const class ON_ManifestMap &manifest_map)
int UserStringCount () const

Public Attributes

int m_c3i = -1
int m_edge_index = -1
 index of edge in ON_Brep.m_E[] array More...
ON_U m_edge_user
ON_ComponentStatus m_status = ON_ComponentStatus::NoneSet
ON_SimpleArray< int > m_ti
 indices of Trims that use this edge More...
double m_tolerance = ON_UNSET_VALUE
int m_vi [2]


class ON_Brep

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ON_Object
enum  UserDataConflictResolution : unsigned char {
  UserDataConflictResolution::destination_object = 0, UserDataConflictResolution::source_object = 1, UserDataConflictResolution::source_copycount_gt = 2, UserDataConflictResolution::source_copycount_ge = 3,
  UserDataConflictResolution::destination_copycount_gt = 4, UserDataConflictResolution::destination_copycount_ge = 5, UserDataConflictResolution::delete_item = 6
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Curve
static class ON_NurbsCurveCreateCubicLoft (int point_count, int point_dim, int point_stride, const double *point_list, double k, int is_closed=0, ON::cubic_loft_end_condition start_shape=ON::cubic_loft_ec_quadratic, ON::cubic_loft_end_condition end_shape=ON::cubic_loft_ec_quadratic, class ON_NurbsCurve *nurbs_curve=0)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ON_Geometry
const static ON_Geometry Unset
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ON_CurveProxy
void SetProxyCurveIsReversed (bool bReversed)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ON_Curve
bool ParameterSearch (double t, int &index, bool bEnableSnap, const ON_SimpleArray< double > &m_t, double RelTol=ON_SQRT_EPSILON) const

Detailed Description

Description: Brep edge information is stored in ON_BrepEdge classes. ON_Brep.m_E[] is an array of all the edges in the brep.

An ON_BrepEdge is derived from ON_CurveProxy so the the edge can supply easy to use evaluation tools via the ON_Curve virtual member functions.

Note well that the domains and orientations of the curve m_C3[edge.m_c3i] and the edge as a curve may not agree. April 24, 2017 Dale Lear ON_Curve::Trim(const ON_Interval&) is a virtual function and ON_BrepEdge derives from ON_CurveProxy which derives from ON_Curve. The ON_Brep::Trim(int) function was added and mistakenly named "Trim". This all happened about twenty years ago.

Both the virtual ON_Curve::Trim(const ON_Interval&) and ON_BrepEdge::Trim(int) functions are widely used. At some point the functionON_Brep::Trim() will be deprecated and the 4263 warning ON_Brep::Trim(int) generates will be disabled for the definition of class ON_BrepEdge. In version 7, ON_Brep::Trim(int) will be deleted and the warning will no longer be disabled.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_BrepEdge() [1/2]

ON_BrepEdge::ON_BrepEdge ( )


In general, you should not directly create ON_BrepEdge classes. Use ON_Brep::NewVertex instead.

◆ ON_BrepEdge() [2/2]

ON_BrepEdge::ON_BrepEdge ( int  )

edge index

Member Function Documentation

◆ Brep()

ON_Brep* ON_BrepEdge::Brep ( ) const

Returns: Brep this edge belongs to.

◆ ChangeEdgeCurve()

bool ON_BrepEdge::ChangeEdgeCurve ( int  c3i)

Description: Expert user tool that replaces the 3d curve geometry of an edge Parameters; c3i - [in] brep 3d curve index of new curve Returns: True if successful. Example:

      ON_Curve* pCurve = ...;
      int c3i = brep.AddEdgeCurve(pCurve);

Remarks: Sets m_c3i, calls SetProxyCurve, cleans runtime caches.

◆ ComponentIndex()

ON_COMPONENT_INDEX ON_BrepEdge::ComponentIndex ( ) const

virtual ON_Geometry::ComponentIndex() override

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

◆ DataCRC()

ON__UINT32 ON_BrepEdge::DataCRC ( ON__UINT32  current_remainder) const

virtual ON_Object::DataCRC override

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

◆ Dump()

void ON_BrepEdge::Dump ( ON_TextLog ) const

virtual ON_Object::Dump() override

for debugging

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

◆ EdgeCurveIndexOf()

int ON_BrepEdge::EdgeCurveIndexOf ( ) const


Returns: brep.m_C3[] index of the 3d curve geometry used by this edge or -1.

◆ EdgeCurveOf()

const ON_Curve* ON_BrepEdge::EdgeCurveOf ( ) const

Returns: 3d curve geometry used by this edge or nullptr.

◆ Get3dVectorsIntoFaces()

bool ON_BrepEdge::Get3dVectorsIntoFaces ( double  edge_t,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dVector > &  V,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dVector > &  N 
) const

Description: For each trim at this edge, find the 3d unit vector at the edge parameter in the trim's surface tan plane, perpendicular to the edge, which points to the active side of the trim Parameters: edge_t - [in] parameter of this edge. V - [out] 3d vectors pointing into the faces. One for each trim, in order of m_ti. N - [out] Surface normals at edge_t. Parallel to V. Returns: True if vectors can be found. False if edge tangent or surface normals can't be found, or if input is bad.

◆ IsClosed()

bool ON_BrepEdge::IsClosed ( ) const

virtual ON_Curve::IsClosed override

Reimplemented from ON_Curve.

◆ IsSmoothManifoldEdge()

bool ON_BrepEdge::IsSmoothManifoldEdge ( double  angle_tolerance = ON_DEFAULT_ANGLE_TOLERANCE) const

Not necessary. Base class does the right thing. ON_CurveProxy does not have an override. / virtual ON_Curve::SetStartPoint override bool SetStartPoint( ON_3dPoint start_point );

/ virtual ON_Curve::SetEndPoint override bool SetEndPoint( ON_3dPoint end_point ); Description: For a manifold, non-boundary edge, decides whether or not the two surfaces on either side meet smoothly. Parameters: angle_tolerance - [in] used to decide if surface normals on either side are parallel. Returns: true if edge is manifold, has exactly 2 trims, and surface normals on either side agree to within angle_tolerance.

◆ IsValid()

bool ON_BrepEdge::IsValid ( class ON_TextLog text_log = nullptr) const

Description: Tests an object to see if its data members are correctly initialized. Parameters: text_log - [in] if the object is not valid and text_log is not nullptr, then a brief englis description of the reason the object is not valid is appened to the log. The information appended to text_log is suitable for low-level debugging purposes by programmers and is not intended to be useful as a high level user interface tool. Returns: @untitled table true object is valid false object is invalid, uninitialized, etc.

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

◆ ObjectType()

ON::object_type ON_BrepEdge::ObjectType ( ) const

virtual ON_Object function The ON_BrepEdge override returns ON::curve_object.

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

◆ operator=()

ON_BrepEdge& ON_BrepEdge::operator= ( const ON_BrepEdge )

◆ ProxyBrepSubDEdgeId()

unsigned int ON_BrepEdge::ProxyBrepSubDEdgeId ( ) const

Returns: If this edge is part of a brep created by ON_SubD::ProxyBrep(), then the subd component id of the corresponding SubD edge is returned. Otherwise 0 is returned.

◆ Read()

bool ON_BrepEdge::Read ( ON_BinaryArchive )

virtual ON_Object::Read() override

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

◆ Reverse()

bool ON_BrepEdge::Reverse ( )

virtual ON_Curve::Reverse override

Implements ON_Curve.

◆ SizeOf()

unsigned int ON_BrepEdge::SizeOf ( ) const

virtual ON_Object::SizeOf override

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

◆ Trim()

ON_BrepTrim* ON_BrepEdge::Trim ( int  eti) const

Parameters: eti - [in] index into the edge's m_ti[] array. Returns: The trim brep.m_T[edge.m_ti[eti]]; Remarks: This version of "Trim" hides the virtual function ON_CurveProxy::Trim(const ON_Interval&), which is a good thing. Special care must be taken when changing the geometry of a brep edge to insure vertex, trim, and edge information remains valid.

◆ TrimCount()

int ON_BrepEdge::TrimCount ( ) const

Returns: Number of trims attached to this edge.

◆ UnsetPlineEdgeParameters()

void ON_BrepEdge::UnsetPlineEdgeParameters ( )

Description: When an edge is modified, the m_pline[].e values need to be set to ON_UNSET_VALUE by calling UnsetPlineEdgeParameters().

◆ Vertex()

ON_BrepVertex* ON_BrepEdge::Vertex ( int  evi) const

Parameters: evi - [in] 0 or 1 Returns: Brep vertex at specified end of the edge.

◆ Write()

bool ON_BrepEdge::Write ( ON_BinaryArchive ) const

virtual ON_Object::Write() override

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ON_Brep

friend class ON_Brep

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_c3i

int ON_BrepEdge::m_c3i = -1

index of 3d curve in m_C3[] array (edge.m_curve also points to m_C3[m_c3i])

◆ m_edge_index

int ON_BrepEdge::m_edge_index = -1

index of edge in ON_Brep.m_E[] array

◆ m_edge_user

ON_U ON_BrepEdge::m_edge_user

Union available for application use. The constructor zeros m_edge_user. The value is of m_edge_user is not saved in 3DM archives and may be changed by some computations.

◆ m_status

ON_ComponentStatus ON_BrepEdge::m_status = ON_ComponentStatus::NoneSet

◆ m_ti

ON_SimpleArray<int> ON_BrepEdge::m_ti

indices of Trims that use this edge

◆ m_tolerance

double ON_BrepEdge::m_tolerance = ON_UNSET_VALUE

accuracy of edge curve (>=0.0 or ON_UNSET_VALUE)

A value of ON_UNSET_VALUE indicates that the tolerance should be computed.

The maximum distance from the edge's 3d curve to any surface of a face that has this edge as a portion of its boundary must be <= this tolerance.

◆ m_vi

int ON_BrepEdge::m_vi[2]

indices of starting/ending vertex

For closed edges, m_vi[0] = m_vi[1] and m_edge_index appears twice in the m_V[m_vi[0]].m_ei[] array. The first occurrence of m_edge_index in m_V[m_vi[0]].m_ei[] is for the closed edge starting the vertex. The second occurrence of m_edge_index in m_V[m_vi[0]].m_ei[] is for the closed edge edge ending at the vertex. C.f. ON_Brep::Next/PrevEdge().