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GH_Canvas Events

The GH_Canvas type exposes the following members.

Public eventCanvasPaintBackground
Raised after the background has been drawn.
Public eventCanvasPaintBegin
Raised before a new paint operation starts. This event is always raised, even if the Canvas isn't visible.
Public eventCanvasPaintEnd
Raised after a paint operation completes. This event is always raised, even if the Canvas isn't visible.
Public eventCanvasPostPaintGroups
Raised after group drawing completes.
Public eventCanvasPostPaintObjects
Raised after object drawing completes.
Public eventCanvasPostPaintOverlay
Raised after object overlay drawing completes.
Public eventCanvasPostPaintWidgets
Raised after widgets are drawn. This is the final event in the Drawing pipeline.
Public eventCanvasPostPaintWires
Raised after wire drawing completes.
Public eventCanvasPrePaintGroups
Raised before group drawing starts.
Public eventCanvasPrePaintObjects
Raised before object drawing starts.
Public eventCanvasPrePaintOverlay
Raised before object overlay drawing starts.
Public eventCanvasPrePaintWidgets
Raised before Widgets are drawn.
Public eventCanvasPrePaintWires
Raised before wire drawing starts.
Public eventDocument_ModifiedChanged
Public eventDocument_ObjectsAdded
Public eventDocument_ObjectsDeleted
Public eventDocument_SettingsChanged
Public eventDocumentChanged
This event is raised whenever a different document is loaded into this canvas.
Public eventDocumentObjectMouseDown
This event is raised whenever the left mouse button is pressed while over a Document object.
Public eventModifiersChanged
This event is raised whenever the ModifiersEnabled property changes.
Public eventStatic memberNavigationSettingsChanged
Raised whenever any of the shared navigation properties changed.
Public eventViewportChanged
This event is raised whenever the viewport properties are modified, for example when the pan or zoom values are affected.
Public eventStatic memberWidgetListCreated
This event is raised once for every GH_Canvas object that is created anew. The event is Shared (static) because it is raised inside the constructor of a GH_Canvas object and therefor cannot be registered on an instance.
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