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Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas Namespace

This namespace contains all classes needed for the Grasshopper canvas display.
Public classGH_Border
Represents a resizing border of a Grasshopper canvas object.
Public classGH_Canvas
The GH_Canvas is the control that handles all mouse and paint events for a single loaded document.
Public classGH_CanvasGH_ImageSettings
Settings class for high-resolution image output.
Public classGH_CanvasDocumentChangedEventArgs
These arguments are used in the DocumentChanged event on GH_Canvas.
Public classGH_CanvasDropTargetValidator
Utility validator for restricting component creation.
Public classGH_CanvasValidator
Abstract implementation of IGH_CanvasValidator. Inherit from this class rather than implementing IGH_CanvasValidator from scratch.
Public classGH_CanvasViewportChangedEventArgs
These arguments are used in the ViewportChanged event on GH_Canvas.
Public classGH_CanvasWidgetListEventArgs
The event arguments are used in the WidgetListCreated event.
Public classGH_CanvasWireValidator
Utility validator for restricting wire creation.
Public classGH_Capsule
Class used to draw standard Grasshopper interface boxes.
Public classGH_CapsuleRenderEngine
Provides basic Render methods for capsule display. You typically don't need this class, just use the Render() overloads on GH_Capsule directly.
Public classGH_DocDiagramPainter
This class paints diagrammatic images of a collection of objects.
Public classGH_NamedView
Named views are used both to store named views but also to allow smooth programmatic canvas navigation.
Public classGH_Painter
This class performs most of the drawing operations required for Grasshopper Canvas controls.
Public classGH_PaletteStyle
Contains all the colours for a single capsule palette.
Public classGH_ResizeBorder
Public classGH_Skin
Provides static access to typical Palletes and other GUI colours.
Public classGH_Viewport
Provides functionality for panning and zooming in a GH_Canvas environment.
Public interfaceIGH_CanvasValidator
'Interface used for limiting a collection of typical actions on the canvas. Do not implement this interface directly if you can help it, instead inherit from GH_CanvasValidator.
Public interfaceIGH_ResponsiveObject
If you wish to participate in Canvas UI events, you must implement this interface.
Public interfaceIGH_TooltipAwareObject
Implement this interface if you want your object to participate in Grasshopper Canvas tooltips.
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPaintBackgroundEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPaintBeginEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPaintEndEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPostPaintGroupsEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPostPaintObjectsEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPostPaintOverlayEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPostPaintWidgetsEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPostPaintWiresEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPrePaintGroupsEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPrePaintObjectsEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPrePaintOverlayEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPrePaintWidgetsEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasCanvasPrePaintWiresEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocument_ModifiedChangedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocument_ObjectsAddedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocument_ObjectsDeletedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocument_SettingsChangedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocumentChangedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocumentObjectMouseDownEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasDocumentObjectsDeletedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasModifiersChangedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasNavigationSettingsChangedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasViewportChangedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_CanvasWidgetListCreatedEventHandler
Public delegateGH_NamedViewSmoothFrameEventHandler
Public enumerationGH_BorderTopology
Enumerates all possble border types.
Public enumerationGH_CanvasChannel
Enumerates all the drawing channels that are handled inside the Grasshopper canvas.
Public enumerationGH_CanvasMode
Enumerates all pre-defined Canvas modes.
Public enumerationGH_CanvasNavigation
Enumerates all possible canvas navigations.
Public enumerationGH_DragDropFileAction
Enumerates the possible actions for drag+drop loading ghx files.
Public enumerationGH_NamedViewType
Types of named view anchor points.
Public enumerationGH_ObjectResponse
Lists the possible responses an object can give when confronted with a UI event.
Public enumerationGH_Orientation
Enumerates possible alignments.
Public enumerationGH_Palette
Lists all possible Capsule Palette styles in Grasshopper.
Public enumerationGH_ViewportGH_DisplayMatrix
Enumerates the possible Display Transformation matrices.
Public enumerationGH_WireDirection
Identifies a wire direction.
Public enumerationGH_WireType
Enumerates the different kinds of connecting wires.