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GH_LooseChunkSerialize_Binary Method

Serializes the data tree into a byte array.

Namespace:  GH_IO.Serialization
Assembly:  GH_IO (in GH_IO.dll)
public byte[] Serialize_Binary()

Return Value

Type: Byte
An array of bytes representing the Loose chunk.
This sample shows how to create a new loose chunk and serialize some values.
public byte[] CreateBinary(string archive_name, string[] item_names, int[] item_values)
  GH_LooseChunk chunk = new GH_LooseChunk(archive_name);

  for (int i = 0; i < item_names.Length; i++)
    chunk.SetInt32(item_names[i], i, item_values[i]);

  return chunk.Serialize_Binary();
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