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IGH_ActiveObject Properties

The IGH_ActiveObject type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
Gets or sets the attributes that are associated with this object. Only set custom attributes if you know what you are doing.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyComponentGuid
Returns a consistent ID for this object type. Every object must supply a unique and unchanging ID that is used to identify objects of the same type.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyExposure
Gets the exposure of this object in the Graphical User Interface.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIcon_24x24
The icon associated with this object.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIcon_24x24_Locked
The greyscale icon of this object.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIconDisplayMode
Gets the current display mode of the object.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIsDataProvider
Gets whether or not this object is capable of emitting data.
Public propertyLocked
Gets or sets the locked flag of this object. Locked objects are ignored during solutions.
Public propertyMutableNickName
Gets or sets a value that enables Nick name changes through the menu. The default is TRUE.
Public propertyObsolete
Gets whether this object is Obsolete.
(Inherited from IGH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyPhase
Gets the solution phase in which this object is currently stuck.
Public propertyProcessorTime
Gets the most recent measured processor time.
Public propertyRuntimeMessageLevel
Gets the worst-case level of all messages. I.e. if only warnings have been recorded, the level will be ::warning. If even a single error exists, the level will be ::error.
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