Rhino C++ API  8.7
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CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit Class Reference

#include <RhRdkSdkNumberEdit.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit:

Public Member Functions

 CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit ()
virtual ~CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit ()
virtual bool AlwaysClampToZero (void) const
virtual bool AutoPercentileScaling (void) const
virtual int DecimalPlaces (void) const
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *wszFunc, void *pvData)
virtual double GetValue (void) const
virtual void Initialize (double dLowerBound=0.0, double dUpperBound=Unbounded(), double dDelta=1.0, int iPlaces=1, const TCHAR *tszSuffix=_T(""), bool bPercentile=false)
virtual bool IsPercentile (void) const
virtual void SetAlwaysClampToZero (bool bClamp=true)
virtual void SetAsPercentile (bool bPercentile=true)
virtual void SetAutoPercentileScaling (bool bAuto=true)
virtual void SetDecimalPlaces (int iPlaces)
virtual void SetStripTrailingZeros (bool bStrip=true)
virtual void SetSuperSmartRolling (bool bSuperSmart=true)
virtual bool SetValue (double dValue, bool bForceBlankOff=false)
virtual bool StripTrailingZeros (void) const
virtual bool SuperSmartRolling (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit
virtual int AutoRepeatDelay (void) const
virtual double ChangeThreshold (void) const
virtual int CharFromPos (const CPoint &pt) const
virtual bool CreateCtrl (DWORD dwStyle, const ON_4iRect &rect, CWnd *pParentWnd, UINT iID)
virtual bool EditByTyping (void) const
virtual bool EnableSpinnerWhenBlank (void) const
virtual bool Format (const double dValue, CString &sText) const
virtual bool IsBlank (void) const
virtual bool IsFixedSpinnerDelta (void) const
virtual bool IsFocused (void) const
virtual bool IsLocked (void) const
virtual double LinearRollingDelta (void) const
virtual bool LockFrom (const CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit &srce)
virtual void OnBeginRollSpinner (void)
virtual void OnEndRollSpinner (void)
virtual void OnUserChangedValue (void)
virtual void OnValueChanged (void)
virtual bool Parse (const TCHAR *tsz, double &dValueOut) const
virtual void RemoveBounds (void)
virtual void RemoveFixedSpinnerDelta (void)
virtual bool SendChangeWhenDragging (void) const
virtual void SetAllowSetDuringChange (bool bAllow=true)
virtual void SetAutoRepeatDelay (int iDelay)
virtual void SetBlank (bool bBlank=true)
virtual void SetBounds (double dLowerBound, double dUpperBound)
virtual void SetCanHideCursor (bool bCanHide=true)
virtual void SetChangeThreshold (double dThresh)
virtual void SetControlKeyScaling (double d)
virtual void SetEditByTyping (bool bCanType)
virtual void SetEnableSpinnerWhenBlank (bool bEnable=true)
virtual void SetFixedSpinnerDelta (double dDelta)
virtual void SetForcedStyles (DWORD dwStyles)
virtual void SetKeyScaling (double dArrow=1.0, double dPage=10.0)
virtual void SetLimitText (int iMax)
virtual void SetLinearRollingDelta (double dDelta)
virtual bool SetLock (bool bLocked)
virtual void SetLowerBound (double dLowerBound)
virtual void SetSel (int iStartChar, int iEndChar, bool bNoScroll=false)
virtual void SetSendChangeWhenDragging (bool bSend=true)
virtual void SetShiftKeyScaling (double d)
virtual void SetSimpleArithmeticOn (bool bOn=true)
virtual void SetSpinnerVisibility (bool bVisible)
virtual void SetSpinnerWidth (int iWidth)
virtual void SetSuffixString (const TCHAR *szSuffix)
virtual void SetUpperBound (double dUpperBound)
virtual void SetUseHandCursor (bool bUseHand=true)
virtual bool SimpleArithmeticOn (void) const
virtual HCURSOR SpinDragCursor (void) const
virtual int SpinnerWidth (void) const
virtual bool UseHandCursor (void) const
virtual bool WantThemedSpinner (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static double Unbounded (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit
static UINT ChangedMessageNumber (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual CImpl & Impl (void)
virtual const CImpl & Impl (void) const
afx_msg void OnDestroy ()
afx_msg void OnEnable (BOOL32 b)
afx_msg void OnSize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit
afx_msg void OnKillfocusEdit ()
virtual void PreSubclassWindow ()

Protected Attributes

CImpl * m_pImpl

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit()

CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit ( )

◆ ~CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit()

virtual CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::~CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AlwaysClampToZero()

virtual bool CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::AlwaysClampToZero ( void  ) const
Whether or not Format() will clamp near-zero values to zero.

◆ AutoPercentileScaling()

virtual bool CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::AutoPercentileScaling ( void  ) const
true if automatic percentile scaling is enabled.

◆ DecimalPlaces()

virtual int CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::DecimalPlaces ( void  ) const
Number of decimal places being displayed (or -1 if not used).

◆ EVF()

virtual void* CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::EVF ( const wchar_t *  wszFunc,
void *  pvData 

Emergency virtual function for future expansion.

Reimplemented from CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit.

◆ GetValue()

virtual double CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::GetValue ( void  ) const

Get the value.

◆ Impl() [1/2]

virtual CImpl& CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::Impl ( void  )

Implements CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit.

◆ Impl() [2/2]

virtual const CImpl& CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::Impl ( void  ) const

Implements CRhRdkSdkNumberEdit.

◆ Initialize()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::Initialize ( double  dLowerBound = 0.0,
double  dUpperBound = Unbounded(),
double  dDelta = 1.0,
int  iPlaces = 1,
const TCHAR *  tszSuffix = _T(""),
bool  bPercentile = false 

Initialize various properties.

◆ IsPercentile()

virtual bool CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::IsPercentile ( void  ) const
true if control is set as percentile.

◆ OnDestroy()

afx_msg void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::OnDestroy ( )

◆ OnEnable()

afx_msg void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::OnEnable ( BOOL32  b)

◆ OnSize()

afx_msg void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::OnSize ( UINT  nType,
int  cx,
int  cy 

◆ SetAlwaysClampToZero()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetAlwaysClampToZero ( bool  bClamp = true)

Set whether or not Format() will clamp near-zero values to zero.

◆ SetAsPercentile()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetAsPercentile ( bool  bPercentile = true)

Set value as percentile. Value will be displayed times 100 with % suffix. e.g., a value of 0.5 will be displayed as 50%

◆ SetAutoPercentileScaling()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetAutoPercentileScaling ( bool  bAuto = true)

Enable or disable automatic percentile scaling. If enabled, GetValue() returns an integer value from 0 to 100 and SetValue() accepts such a value. If disabled the functions use values between 0.0 to 1.0 when the control is set as percentile.

◆ SetDecimalPlaces()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetDecimalPlaces ( int  iPlaces)

Set number of decimal places to display. -1 means not used (i.e., uses g formatting).

◆ SetStripTrailingZeros()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetStripTrailingZeros ( bool  bStrip = true)

Set whether or not trailing zeroes will be stripped after the decimal point.

◆ SetSuperSmartRolling()

virtual void CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetSuperSmartRolling ( bool  bSuperSmart = true)

Set whether or not super-smart rolling is active. This feature maintains a narrow field regardless of the decimal places setting. It also does smart acceleration with 'mouse-jerk' engaging 'fast-mode' when the number edit is unbounded.

Calling SetLinearRollingDelta() overrides super-smart rolling and does linear rolling regardless of the setting of super-smart rolling.

◆ SetValue()

virtual bool CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SetValue ( double  dValue,
bool  bForceBlankOff = false 

Set the value.

◆ StripTrailingZeros()

virtual bool CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::StripTrailingZeros ( void  ) const
Whether or not trailing zeroes will be stripped after the decimal point.

◆ SuperSmartRolling()

virtual bool CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::SuperSmartRolling ( void  ) const
Whether or not super-smart rolling is active.

◆ Unbounded()

static double CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::Unbounded ( void  )

This value can be passed to Set*Bound(s) to make the control boundless.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_pImpl

CImpl* CRhRdkSdkRealNumberEdit::m_pImpl