Rhino C++ API  7.24
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CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkDoc.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions ()=default
 CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions (const CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions &)=default
 ~CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions ()=default
bool CreateDefaultViews () const
bool CreateHeadless () const
bool CreateStealthWorksession () const
CRhinoCreateDocumentOptionsoperator= (const CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions &)=default
void SetCreateDefaultViews (bool bCreateDefaultViews)
void SetCreateHeadless (bool bCreateHeadless)
void SetCreateStealthWorksession (bool bCreateStealthWorksession)

Static Public Attributes

static const CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions Defaults

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions() [1/2]

CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions ( )

The CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions class is used to pass options to the static CRhinoDoc::CreateDocument() function.

◆ ~CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions()

CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::~CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions ( )

◆ CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions() [2/2]

CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions ( const CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateDefaultViews()

bool CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::CreateDefaultViews ( ) const

Returns: true If no template file is specified or the template file does not contain views, and this parameter is true, then the default Rhino views are created. Remarks: Default value is true.

◆ CreateHeadless()

bool CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::CreateHeadless ( ) const

Returns: true if a "headless" document should be created Remarks: This function is a work in progress and may change during the development of V7

◆ CreateStealthWorksession()

bool CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::CreateStealthWorksession ( ) const

Returns: true if a "stealth" worksession should be created. Remarks: Default value is true. Ideally, this function will vanish in the near future!

◆ operator=()

CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions& CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::operator= ( const CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions )

◆ SetCreateDefaultViews()

void CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::SetCreateDefaultViews ( bool  bCreateDefaultViews)

◆ SetCreateHeadless()

void CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::SetCreateHeadless ( bool  bCreateHeadless)

◆ SetCreateStealthWorksession()

void CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::SetCreateStealthWorksession ( bool  bCreateStealthWorksession)

Member Data Documentation

◆ Defaults

const CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions CRhinoCreateDocumentOptions::Defaults