Rhino C++ API  8.0
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CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph Class Reference

#include <RhinoSdkSpaceMorph.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph:
CRhinoSpaceMorph ON_SpaceMorph

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph ()
 ~CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph ()
void FlowCleanup ()
void FlowInit (const ON_Curve *crv_from, bool bReverseFrom, const ON_Curve *crv_to, bool bReverseTo, bool bPreventStretching, const ON_Surface *srf_to=nullptr)
ON_3dPoint MorphPoint (ON_3dPoint pt) const
 virtual ON_SpaceMorph override More...
bool SetRadii (double r0, double r1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoSpaceMorph
 CRhinoSpaceMorph ()
virtual ~CRhinoSpaceMorph ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_SpaceMorph
 ON_SpaceMorph ()
virtual ~ON_SpaceMorph ()
virtual bool Ev1Der (ON_3dPoint rst, ON_3dPoint &xyz, ON_3dVector &Dr, ON_3dVector &Ds, ON_3dVector &Dt) const
bool IsIdentity (const class ON_Curve &Crv, double tol) const
bool IsIdentity (const class ON_Surface &Srf, double tol) const
virtual bool IsIdentity (const ON_BoundingBox &bbox) const
bool IsIdentity (const ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dPoint > &Points, double tol) const
virtual ON_4dPoint Morph4dPoint (ON_4dPoint point) const
void MorphPointList (int dim, bool is_rat, int count, int stride, double *point) const
void MorphPointList (int dim, bool is_rat, int count, int stride, float *point) const
virtual ON_3dVector MorphVector (ON_3dPoint tail_point, ON_3dVector vector) const
bool PreserveStructure () const
bool QuickPreview () const
void SetPreserveStructure (bool bPreserveStructure)
void SetQuickPreview (bool bQuickPreview)
void SetTolerance (double tolerance)
double Tolerance () const

Public Attributes

bool m_bPreventStretching
 if true, no stretching happens along the flow curve More...
ON_SimpleArray< double > m_fastflow_from_t
ON_3dVector m_fastflow_from_up
double m_fastflow_length_from
double m_fastflow_length_to
ON_SimpleArray< double > m_fastflow_to_t
ON_3dVector m_fastflow_to_up

Detailed Description

Flow morph Re-aligns an object or group of objects from a base curve to a target curve.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph()

CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph ( )

◆ ~CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph()

CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::~CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ FlowCleanup()

void CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::FlowCleanup ( )

◆ FlowInit()

void CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::FlowInit ( const ON_Curve crv_from,
bool  bReverseFrom,
const ON_Curve crv_to,
bool  bReverseTo,
bool  bPreventStretching,
const ON_Surface srf_to = nullptr 

30 June 2004 Dale Lear: Stuff that FastMorphPoint() needs to work.

srf_tooptional target surface. If supplied crv_to should be on srf_to for predictable results.

◆ MorphPoint()

ON_3dPoint CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::MorphPoint ( ON_3dPoint  pt) const

virtual ON_SpaceMorph override

Implements ON_SpaceMorph.

◆ SetRadii()

bool CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::SetRadii ( double  r0,
double  r1 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bPreventStretching

bool CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_bPreventStretching

if true, no stretching happens along the flow curve

◆ m_fastflow_crv_from

ON_Curve* CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_crv_from

◆ m_fastflow_crv_to

ON_Curve* CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_crv_to

◆ m_fastflow_from_t

ON_SimpleArray< double > CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_from_t

◆ m_fastflow_from_up

ON_3dVector CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_from_up

◆ m_fastflow_length_from

double CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_length_from

◆ m_fastflow_length_to

double CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_length_to

◆ m_fastflow_srf_to

ON_Surface* CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_srf_to

◆ m_fastflow_to_t

ON_SimpleArray< double > CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_to_t

◆ m_fastflow_to_up

ON_3dVector CRhinoFlowSpaceMorph::m_fastflow_to_up