Rhino C++ API  8.4
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CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkGumball.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool GetCommandLineString (ON_wString &value)
static bool RespondToPopUpMenuItem (GUMBALL_POPUP_MENU_ITEM gb_popup_menu_item)
static GUMBALL_POPUP_MENU_ITEM ShowPopUpMenu (HWND wnd, const ON_2iPoint &point, unsigned int menu_items)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu()

CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu::CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCommandLineString()

static bool CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu::GetCommandLineString ( ON_wString value)

Description: Call this method to get the command line string to append to the top of the context menu. Parameters: value - [out] String to display. Returns: True if a string should be added and value is not empty.

◆ RespondToPopUpMenuItem()

static bool CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu::RespondToPopUpMenuItem ( GUMBALL_POPUP_MENU_ITEM  gb_popup_menu_item)

Description: Handle the app settings menu items. Parameters: gb_menu_item - [in] gumball pop-up menu item to handle. Returns: True if gb_menu_item corresponds to an app settings item. In which case, the appropriate action is taken. False if gb_menu_item is a gumball specific item, like gb_menu_reposition, that applies to a single gumball.

◆ ShowPopUpMenu()

static GUMBALL_POPUP_MENU_ITEM CRhinoGumballPopUpMenu::ShowPopUpMenu ( HWND  wnd,
const ON_2iPoint point,
unsigned int  menu_items 

Description: Show the gumball popup menu. Parameters: wnd - [in] Parent window. Typically a status bar or a CRhinoView. point - [in] window coordinates of the lower left corner of the pop-up CRhinoGumball::GetPopUpMenuPoint() can be used to get the screen location of a gumball's menu ball. menu_ites - [in] bitfield that determine what items should appear on the pop-up menu. Use GUMBALL_POPUP_MENU_ITEM to set the bits. Returns: Selected item. The caller is responsible for actually doing something. The function RespondToPopUpMenuItem() can be used to handle the app settings menu items.