Rhino C++ API  7.24
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CRhinoPrintControlsBase Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkPrintDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhinoPrintControlsBase:
CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage_New CRhinoUiDialog

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoPrintControlsBase (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage_New
 CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage_New (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParent)
virtual ~CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage_New ()
void SetParentForOnCreate (CWnd *p)
bool SetUseSpecialColors (bool b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
 CRhinoUiDialog (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName=NULL, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 CRhinoUiDialog (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual ~CRhinoUiDialog ()
bool AddResizeControl (bool b)
bool AllowEscapeAndEnter () const
void CallOnUpdateUi ()
virtual BOOL Create (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 Modeless construct. More...
virtual BOOL Create (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual BOOL CreateIndirect (HGLOBAL hDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual BOOL CreateIndirect (LPCDLGTEMPLATE lpDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL, void *lpDialogInit=NULL)
AFX_MODULE_STATE * DialogModuleState ()
UINT DialogTemplateID () const
LPCTSTR DialogTemplateName () const
void DisableAllDialogItems ()
INT_PTR DoModal ()
void EnableAllDlgControls (bool bEnable)
bool EnableDialogItem (UINT nItemID, bool bEnable)
int EnableDialogItems (CUIntArray &nItemIDArray, bool bEnable)
int EnableDialogItems (UINT *nItemIDArray, int iArraySize, bool bEnable)
virtual bool ForwardLMouseDblClickMessagesToParent (CPoint point)
virtual bool ForwardLMouseDownMessagesToParent (CPoint point)
bool GetDlgItemRect (UINT nID, CRect &rc)
bool IsDialogItemEnabled (UINT nItemID) const
bool IsResizable ()
bool IsRhinoFlagSet (rhino_dialog_flags flag) const
afx_msg int OnCreate (LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
afx_msg HBRUSH OnCtlColor (CDC *pDC, CWnd *pWnd, UINT nCtlColor)
afx_msg void OnDestroy ()
afx_msg void OnGetMinMaxInfo (MINMAXINFO *lpMMI)
afx_msg void OnLButtonDblClk (UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
afx_msg void OnLButtonDown (UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
afx_msg LRESULT OnNcHitTest (CPoint point)
afx_msg void OnPaint ()
afx_msg void OnSize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
virtual void OnUnhandledEscapeAndEnter (UINT nChar)
virtual bool OverrideAllowEscapeAndEnter (MSG *msg)
void PaintGradientTitleRect (CDC *pDC, LPRECT lpRect, const char *lpsCaption=0, bool bActiveWindow=TRUE)
void PaintGradientTitleRect (CDC *pDC, LPRECT lpRect, const wchar_t *lpsCaption=0, bool bActiveWindow=TRUE)
virtual BOOL PreTranslateMessage (MSG *pMsg)
void RestoreAllDisabledDialogItems ()
int RhinoFlags () const
bool SetAllowEscapeAndEnter (bool b)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (CWnd *pWndCtrl, const char *lpsToolTip)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (CWnd *pWndCtrl, const wchar_t *lpsToolTip)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (UINT nID, const char *lpsToolTip)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (UINT nID, const wchar_t *lpsToolTip)
bool SetMinSizeToCurrentSize ()
bool SetRhinoFlag (rhino_dialog_flags flag, bool b)
int SetRhinoFlags (int iFlags)
void SetToolTipOwner (CWnd *pWnd)
 Ported from CRhinoUiDialog. More...

Protected Member Functions

void AdjustRightEdge (int cx, int cy, CWnd &control)
virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
 DDX/DDV support. More...
bool GetPrintInfo (CRhinoPrintInfo &info) const
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ()
virtual void OnPrintSettingsChanged ()
afx_msg LRESULT PrintSettingsChangeMesssage (WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
bool SetPrintInfo (const CRhinoPrintInfo &info)
void UpdatePreviewWindow ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage_New
afx_msg int OnCreate (LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
afx_msg BOOL OnEraseBkgnd (CDC *pDC)
afx_msg LRESULT OnIsWindowSection (WPARAM, LPARAM)
afx_msg void OnLButtonDown (UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
bool _SetDlgItemToolTip (CWnd *pWndCtrl, LPCTSTR lpsToolTip)
void Construct ()
BOOL RhCreateDlgIndirect (LPCDLGTEMPLATE lpDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd, HINSTANCE hInst)
BOOL RhCreateIndirect (HGLOBAL hDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd, HINSTANCE hInst)
BOOL RhCreateIndirect (LPCDLGTEMPLATE lpDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd, void *lpDialogInit, HINSTANCE hInst)
INT_PTR RhDoModal ()
virtual LRESULT WindowProc (UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)

Protected Attributes

class CRhPrintDialog * m_pPrintDialog
 Parent Dialog that contains all of the "meat" these controls make changes to. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
bool m_activate_tool_tip
bool m_allow_escape_and_enter
bool m_bAddResizer
UUID m_plugin_id
CRect m_rcGripper
CRect m_rcPage
int m_rhino_flags
CSize m_sizeGripper
CSize m_sizeMax
 Defaults to 0,0 which means no clamp, if other than 0,0 use this instead. More...
CSize m_sizeMin
 Defaults to 0,0 which means no clamp, if other than 0,0 use this instead. More...
UINT m_template_name_id
CString m_template_name_string
CToolTipCtrl m_tool_tip
CWnd * m_tool_tip_owner

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
enum  rhino_dialog_flags { is_dockbar_dialog = 1, force_32bit_rhino_flag = 0xFFFFFFFF }
 Reserved for future use. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
bool m_allow_auto_resize
CRhinoUiLocalizeDialog m_localize
 For internal use only. More...
CRhinoUiDialogItemResizer m_Resize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoPrintControlsBase()

CRhinoPrintControlsBase::CRhinoPrintControlsBase ( UINT  nIDTemplate,
CWnd *  pParent 

Member Function Documentation

◆ AdjustRightEdge()

void CRhinoPrintControlsBase::AdjustRightEdge ( int  cx,
int  cy,
CWnd &  control 

◆ DoDataExchange()

virtual void CRhinoPrintControlsBase::DoDataExchange ( CDataExchange *  pDX)

DDX/DDV support.

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDialog.

◆ GetPrintInfo()

bool CRhinoPrintControlsBase::GetPrintInfo ( CRhinoPrintInfo info) const

◆ OnInitDialog()

virtual BOOL CRhinoPrintControlsBase::OnInitDialog ( )

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDialog.

◆ OnPrintSettingsChanged()

virtual void CRhinoPrintControlsBase::OnPrintSettingsChanged ( )

Gets called when the print dialog gets a BroadcastPrintSettingsChanged call Override to update controls on this page to match the new settings

◆ PrintSettingsChangeMesssage()

afx_msg LRESULT CRhinoPrintControlsBase::PrintSettingsChangeMesssage ( WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 

◆ SetPrintInfo()

bool CRhinoPrintControlsBase::SetPrintInfo ( const CRhinoPrintInfo info)

◆ UpdatePreviewWindow()

void CRhinoPrintControlsBase::UpdatePreviewWindow ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_pPrintDialog

class CRhPrintDialog* CRhinoPrintControlsBase::m_pPrintDialog

Parent Dialog that contains all of the "meat" these controls make changes to.