Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhinoUiWindow Class Referenceabstract

#include <IRhRdkSectionHolder.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhinoUiWindow:
IRhinoUiHolder IRhinoUiWithController IRhRdkCustomCurveCtrl IRhinoUiSection IRhRdkColorButton IRhRdkNewContentCtrl

Public Member Functions

virtual ON_wString Caption (bool bAlwaysEnglish=false) const =0
virtual void Delete (void)=0
virtual void Enable (bool bEnable)=0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *wszFunc, void *pvData)=0
virtual void GetScreenCoords (ON_4iRect &rectOut) const =0
virtual HWND GetWindow (void)=0
virtual bool IsCreated (void) const =0
virtual bool IsEnabled (void) const =0
virtual bool IsShown (void) const =0
virtual void Move (const ON_4iRect &rect, bool bRepaint=false, bool bRepaintBorder=false)=0
virtual HWND Parent (void) const =0
virtual void Refresh (bool bImmediate=false)=0
virtual void SetFocus (void)=0
virtual void SetParent (HWND parent)=0
virtual void Show (bool bShow)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IRhinoUiWindow ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IRhinoUiWindow()

virtual IRhinoUiWindow::~IRhinoUiWindow ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Caption()

virtual ON_wString IRhinoUiWindow::Caption ( bool  bAlwaysEnglish = false) const
pure virtual

Implement this method to return the text caption that should be displayed in the window.

bAlwaysEnglishcontrols localization. If true the method must return the English caption. Otherwise, it must return the localized caption. If no caption is required, the method should return an empty string.

◆ Delete()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::Delete ( void  )
pure virtual

Destroys the underlying window and deletes the object.

◆ Enable()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::Enable ( bool  bEnable)
pure virtual

Enables or disables the window.

bEnableis true to enable the window or false to disable it.

◆ EVF()

virtual void* IRhinoUiWindow::EVF ( const wchar_t *  wszFunc,
void *  pvData 
pure virtual

Emergency virtual function for future expansion.

◆ GetScreenCoords()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::GetScreenCoords ( ON_4iRect rectOut) const
pure virtual

Get the screen coordinates of the underlying window.

rectOutaccepts the coordinates.

◆ GetWindow()

virtual HWND IRhinoUiWindow::GetWindow ( void  )
pure virtual

Do not use

◆ IsCreated()

virtual bool IRhinoUiWindow::IsCreated ( void  ) const
pure virtual
true if the underlying window has been created, else false.

◆ IsEnabled()

virtual bool IRhinoUiWindow::IsEnabled ( void  ) const
pure virtual
true if the window is enabled, else false.

◆ IsShown()

virtual bool IRhinoUiWindow::IsShown ( void  ) const
pure virtual
true if the window is being shown, else false.

◆ Move()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::Move ( const ON_4iRect rect,
bool  bRepaint = false,
bool  bRepaintBorder = false 
pure virtual

Moves the underlying window.

rectis the rectangle to move to within the parent.

◆ Parent()

virtual HWND IRhinoUiWindow::Parent ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get the parent (host) window. This will return null unless a parent has been set in SetParent().

◆ Refresh()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::Refresh ( bool  bImmediate = false)
pure virtual

Refreshes the window by repainting it.

bImmediateis true if the window should be repainted immediately, else false.
On Microsoft Windows, Refresh(true) is equivalent to RedrawWindow() and Refresh(false) is equivalent to Invalidate().

◆ SetFocus()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::SetFocus ( void  )
pure virtual

Sets the keyboard focus to the window.

◆ SetParent()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::SetParent ( HWND  parent)
pure virtual

Set the parent (host) window.

parentis the parent to host the window on.
When the object uses a controller, the controller must be set before calling SetParent() otherwise creation of the underlying control may fail.

◆ Show()

virtual void IRhinoUiWindow::Show ( bool  bShow)
pure virtual

Shows or hides the window.

bShowis true to show the window or false to hide it.