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IGH_Component Interface

Base interface for all GH_Component types. Do not implement this interface from scratch, inherit from GH_Component instead.

Namespace:  Grasshopper.Kernel
Assembly:  Grasshopper (in Grasshopper.dll)
public interface IGH_Component : IGH_ActiveObject, 
	IGH_PreviewObject, IGH_BakeAwareObject

The IGH_Component type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClippingBox
Gets the clipping box for this object. The clipping box is typically the union of the boundingboxes of all the geometry that is drawn by this object.
(Inherited from IGH_PreviewObject.)
Public propertyHidden
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not this object is currently drawing preview flags.
(Inherited from IGH_PreviewObject.)
Public propertyInConstructor
Gets the constructor flag for this instance. If InConstructor = True, it means the component is still registering parameters and the layout is not yet complete.
Public propertyIsBakeCapable
Gets a value indicating whether or not the object can potentially Bake data in its current state.
(Inherited from IGH_BakeAwareObject.)
Public propertyIsDataProvider
Gets whether or not this object is capable of emitting data.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyIsPreviewCapable
Gets a value indicating whether or not this object (in its current state) can draw geometric previews at all.
(Inherited from IGH_PreviewObject.)
Public propertyIsValidMasterParameterIndex
Gets whether the MasterParameterIndex property identifies a valid parameter.
Public propertyLocked
Gets or sets the locked flag of this object. Locked objects are ignored during solutions.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyMasterParameterIndex
Gets or sets the master parameter index override. Negative indices or indices larger than or equal to the input parameter count will be ignored and regular master parameter detection will kick in.
Public propertyMessage
Gets or sets a custom message to be displayed underneath the component.
Public propertyMutableNickName
Gets or sets a value that enables Nick name changes through the menu. The default is TRUE.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyParams
Gets the Params object that managed input and output parameters.
Public propertyPhase
Gets the solution phase in which this object is currently stuck.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyProcessorTime
Gets the most recent measured processor time.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyRunCount
Gets a value indicating how many times the SolveInstance method was called on this component during the last solution. This property will return -1 if no valid runcount is available.
Public propertyRuntimeMessageLevel
Gets the worst-case level of all messages. I.e. if only warnings have been recorded, the level will be ::warning. If even a single error exists, the level will be ::error.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodAddRuntimeMessage
Add a new message to this object. Valid message type flags are Warning and Error. If the Message string is empty or zero-length no message is added.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodBakeGeometry(RhinoDoc, ListGuid)
Bake all the goemetry in this object in the given Rhino document.
(Inherited from IGH_BakeAwareObject.)
Public methodBakeGeometry(RhinoDoc, ObjectAttributes, ListGuid)
Bake all the goemetry in this object in the given Rhino document.
(Inherited from IGH_BakeAwareObject.)
Public methodClearData
This function is called whenever the object needs to clear all solution data. This usually amounts to wiping volatile caches and messages. This function will not affect any other objects, but it will set the Phase flag to Blank
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodClearRuntimeMessages
Clear all message lists.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodCollectData
This function is called whenever the object is required to collect all data. Either from Persistent records, from source params or whatever. This step is only performed if the phase flag is Blank or Failed. Upon completion, the phase flag will be set to Collected
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodComputeData
This function is called whenever the object is required to generate new data. This step is only performed by some objects and only when the Phase flag is Collected. Upon completion, the Phase will be Computed. If this object throws exceptions, it is the responsibility of the caller to set the Phase flag to Failed.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodDependsOn
Solve the inheritance relationship between this object and a potential parental object.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodDrawViewportMeshes
Implement this function to draw all shaded meshes. If the viewport does not support shading, this function will not be called.
(Inherited from IGH_PreviewObject.)
Public methodDrawViewportWires
Implement this function to draw all wire and point geometry previews.
(Inherited from IGH_PreviewObject.)
Public methodRegisterRemoteIDs
If this object depends on Rhino Objects, you must register the UUIDs of those objects. Failure to do so will result in faulty event handling.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodRuntimeMessages
Gets the list of cached runtime messages that were recorded during solver-time processes.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
Public methodSDKCompliancy
Test whether this object is compliant with a given Rhino version.
(Inherited from IGH_ActiveObject.)
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