Rhino C++ API  8.7
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CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin Class Reference

#include <RhRdkTaskOrigin.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin:
CRhRdkContextTaskOrigin CRhRdkTaskOrigin CRhRdkObject CRhRdkColorButtonTaskOrigin

Public Member Functions

 CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin (const CRhRdkDocument &rdkDoc, CRhRdkControllerPtr con, const CRhRdkInstanceIdArray &aInstance, class CRhRdkChildSlotHelper *pCSH, bool bLocked)
virtual ~CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin ()
virtual IRhRdkTaskCollection::Control Control (void) const override
virtual void GetSelectionImpl (CRhRdkContentArray &aContentOut) const final override
bool IsForChildSlot (const wchar_t *wszChildSlotName) const
virtual void OnBeginExecuteTask (const UUID &uuidTask) const override
virtual void OnEndExecuteTask (const UUID &uuidTask, CRhRdkTask::Result res) const override
virtual bool SupportsTask (const CRhRdkTask &task) const override
virtual const wchar_t * TopLevelKind (void) const override
virtual UUID Uuid (void) const final override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkContextTaskOrigin
 CRhRdkContextTaskOrigin (const CRhRdkDocument &rdkDoc, CRhRdkControllerPtr con)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkTaskOrigin
 CRhRdkTaskOrigin (const CRhRdkDocument &rdkDoc, CRhRdkControllerPtr con)
virtual ~CRhRdkTaskOrigin ()
CRhRdkControllerPtr Controller (void) const
virtual int GetSelectedCount (void) const
void GetSelection (CRhRdkContentArray &aContentOut, bool bForModify=false) const
virtual int GetState (void) const
virtual bool IsAmbivalent (void) const
virtual void OnBeginAskUserSure (const UUID &uuidTask) const
virtual void OnEndAskUserSure (const UUID &uuidTask, RhRdkMbResult) const
virtual const CRhRdkPreviewAppearance * PreviewAppearance (void) const
virtual const CRhRdkPreviewMetaData * PreviewMetaData (void) const
virtual CRhRdkDocumentRdkDocument (void) const
virtual CRhinoDocRhinoDoc (void) const
virtual bool WillReplaceContent (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkObject
 CRhRdkObject ()
virtual ~CRhRdkObject ()
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *wszFunc, void *pvData)
void operator delete (void *buf)
void operator delete[] (void *buf)
void * operator new (size_t size)
void * operator new[] (size_t size)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CRhRdkObject
static void CheckMemory (void)
static void PopulateDebuggingInfo (void)

Detailed Description

Used when task origin is a sub-node control.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin()

CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin ( const CRhRdkDocument rdkDoc,
CRhRdkControllerPtr  con,
const CRhRdkInstanceIdArray aInstance,
class CRhRdkChildSlotHelper *  pCSH,
bool  bLocked 

◆ ~CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin()

virtual CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::~CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Control()

virtual IRhRdkTaskCollection::Control CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::Control ( void  ) const

Implements CRhRdkTaskOrigin.

Reimplemented in CRhRdkColorButtonTaskOrigin.

◆ GetSelectionImpl()

virtual void CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::GetSelectionImpl ( CRhRdkContentArray aContentOut) const

Implement this to get the contents that have been selected by the user.

aContentOutaccepts the selected contents.

Implements CRhRdkTaskOrigin.

◆ IsForChildSlot()

bool CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::IsForChildSlot ( const wchar_t *  wszChildSlotName) const

◆ OnBeginExecuteTask()

virtual void CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::OnBeginExecuteTask ( const UUID &  uuidTask) const

Reimplemented from CRhRdkTaskOrigin.

◆ OnEndExecuteTask()

virtual void CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::OnEndExecuteTask ( const UUID &  uuidTask,
CRhRdkTask::Result  res 
) const

Reimplemented from CRhRdkTaskOrigin.

◆ SupportsTask()

virtual bool CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::SupportsTask ( const CRhRdkTask task) const

Reimplemented from CRhRdkContextTaskOrigin.

◆ TopLevelKind()

virtual const wchar_t* CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::TopLevelKind ( void  ) const

TODO: Docs

Implements CRhRdkTaskOrigin.

◆ Uuid()

virtual UUID CRhRdkSubNodeTaskOrigin::Uuid ( void  ) const

TODO: Docs

Implements CRhRdkTaskOrigin.