Rhino C++ API  8.7
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CRhinoAppFileSettings Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkAppSettings.h>

Public Types

enum  : unsigned int { ImportFileLayerMatchingOptionDefault = 0 }
enum  clipboard_on_exit : unsigned int { keep_clipboard_data = 0, delete_clipboard_data, prompt_user_when_clipboard_big }

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoAppFileSettings ()
 CRhinoAppFileSettings (const CRhinoAppFileSettings &)
 ~CRhinoAppFileSettings ()
bool AlwaysDisplayAllFiletypes () const
void Defaults ()
const ON_ClassArray< ON_wString > & ExcludedFiles () const
unsigned int FileSearchRecursiveDepth () const
unsigned int ImportFileLayerMatchingOption () const
void LoadProfile (CRhinoProfileContext &pc)
bool operator!= (const CRhinoAppFileSettings &src) const
CRhinoAppFileSettingsoperator= (const CRhinoAppFileSettings &)
bool operator== (const CRhinoAppFileSettings &src) const
bool RemoveDotFromRhlFiles () const
void RemoveDotFromRhlFiles (bool on)
void SaveProfile (CRhinoProfileContext &) const
void SetAlwaysDisplayAllFiletypes (bool on)
void SetExcludedFiles (const ON_ClassArray< ON_wString > &)
void SetFileSearchRecursiveDepth (unsigned int)
void SetImportFileLayerMatchingOption (unsigned int import_file_layer_matching_option)
void SetWriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving (bool on)
bool WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving () const

Public Attributes

ON_ClassArray< ON_wStringm_always_autosave_before_commands
 List of commands that force AutoSave prior to running. More...
bool m_autosave = true
 enable autosave feature More...
ON_wString m_autosave_file
 AutoSave options. More...
int m_autosave_increment = 20
 how many minutes between autosaves More...
bool m_autosave_meshes = false
 save render and display meshes More...
bool m_bCreate3dmBakFiles = true
 default = true More...
clipboard_on_exit m_clipboard_on_exit = CRhinoAppFileSettings::clipboard_on_exit::prompt_user_when_clipboard_big
bool m_copy_to_previous_rhino_version = true
 Clipboard options. More...
ON_wString m_default_template_file
 template file loaded when Rhino starts and the default file name for OpenTemplateFile dialog More...
bool m_enable_file_locking = true
 Ensure that only one person at a time can have a file open for saving. More...
bool m_enable_file_locking_open_warning = true
 Display information dialog which identifies computer file is open on. More...
bool m_keep_multiple_recycled_autosave_files = true
 Keep multiple copies of autosave files in recycle bin ///. More...
bool m_recycle_autosave_files = true
 Move autosave files to recycle bin. More...
bool m_save_view_changes = false
 true for users who consider view changes a document change More...
ON_wString m_template_files
 default template file folder (RhinoInstallFolder\Templates) More...

Detailed Description

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum : unsigned int

◆ clipboard_on_exit


Always keep clipboard data, regardless of size and never prompt the user.


Always delete clipboard data, regardless of size and never prompt the user.


Prompt user when clipboard memory is large.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoAppFileSettings() [1/2]

CRhinoAppFileSettings::CRhinoAppFileSettings ( )

◆ ~CRhinoAppFileSettings()

CRhinoAppFileSettings::~CRhinoAppFileSettings ( )

◆ CRhinoAppFileSettings() [2/2]

CRhinoAppFileSettings::CRhinoAppFileSettings ( const CRhinoAppFileSettings )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AlwaysDisplayAllFiletypes()

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::AlwaysDisplayAllFiletypes ( ) const

◆ Defaults()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::Defaults ( )

◆ ExcludedFiles()

const ON_ClassArray<ON_wString>& CRhinoAppFileSettings::ExcludedFiles ( ) const

◆ FileSearchRecursiveDepth()

unsigned int CRhinoAppFileSettings::FileSearchRecursiveDepth ( ) const

◆ ImportFileLayerMatchingOption()

unsigned int CRhinoAppFileSettings::ImportFileLayerMatchingOption ( ) const

The import file layer matching setting belongs on CRhinoAppFileSettings but that class cannot be modified without breaking the SDK. This setting controls what happens to layers when the contents of an external source file are imported into an existing model.
The Import, Paste and Insert commands are a few of the ways a file can be imported into an existing model. 0 = import layer names using the full path found in the source file. 1 = if the source file has a layer with named "source_file_parent_layer_path/X" and the current model has a layer named "current_model_parent_layer_path/X", then change all references from "source_file_parent_layer_path/X" to "current_model_parent_layer_path/X" when importing items from the source file. This mimics Rhino 4.0 behavior, where all short layer names had to be unique and the parent path was ignored.

◆ LoadProfile()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::LoadProfile ( CRhinoProfileContext pc)

◆ operator!=()

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::operator!= ( const CRhinoAppFileSettings src) const

◆ operator=()

CRhinoAppFileSettings& CRhinoAppFileSettings::operator= ( const CRhinoAppFileSettings )

◆ operator==()

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::operator== ( const CRhinoAppFileSettings src) const

◆ RemoveDotFromRhlFiles() [1/2]

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::RemoveDotFromRhlFiles ( ) const

◆ RemoveDotFromRhlFiles() [2/2]

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::RemoveDotFromRhlFiles ( bool  on)

◆ SaveProfile()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::SaveProfile ( CRhinoProfileContext ) const

◆ SetAlwaysDisplayAllFiletypes()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::SetAlwaysDisplayAllFiletypes ( bool  on)

◆ SetExcludedFiles()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::SetExcludedFiles ( const ON_ClassArray< ON_wString > &  )

◆ SetFileSearchRecursiveDepth()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::SetFileSearchRecursiveDepth ( unsigned int  )

◆ SetImportFileLayerMatchingOption()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::SetImportFileLayerMatchingOption ( unsigned int  import_file_layer_matching_option)

◆ SetWriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving()

void CRhinoAppFileSettings::SetWriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving ( bool  on)

◆ WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving()

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_always_autosave_before_commands

ON_ClassArray<ON_wString> CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_always_autosave_before_commands

List of commands that force AutoSave prior to running.

◆ m_autosave

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_autosave = true

enable autosave feature

◆ m_autosave_file

ON_wString CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_autosave_file

AutoSave options.

name of the default autosave file (<RhinoInstallFolder>\Autosave.3dm)

◆ m_autosave_increment

int CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_autosave_increment = 20

how many minutes between autosaves

◆ m_autosave_meshes

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_autosave_meshes = false

save render and display meshes

◆ m_bCreate3dmBakFiles

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_bCreate3dmBakFiles = true

default = true

means you will double the size of what is saved in the clipboard but will be able to copy from the current to the previous version using the clipboard. By default, any preexisting .3dm files are renamed .3dm.back when Rhino saves. If this m_bCreate3dmBakFiles is false, then Rhino does not create .3dmbak files.

◆ m_clipboard_on_exit

clipboard_on_exit CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_clipboard_on_exit = CRhinoAppFileSettings::clipboard_on_exit::prompt_user_when_clipboard_big

◆ m_copy_to_previous_rhino_version

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_copy_to_previous_rhino_version = true

Clipboard options.

Copy both objects to the clipboard in both the current and previous Rhino clipboard formats. This

◆ m_default_template_file

ON_wString CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_default_template_file

template file loaded when Rhino starts and the default file name for OpenTemplateFile dialog

◆ m_enable_file_locking

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_enable_file_locking = true

Ensure that only one person at a time can have a file open for saving.

◆ m_enable_file_locking_open_warning

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_enable_file_locking_open_warning = true

Display information dialog which identifies computer file is open on.

◆ m_keep_multiple_recycled_autosave_files

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_keep_multiple_recycled_autosave_files = true

Keep multiple copies of autosave files in recycle bin ///.

No longer supported

◆ m_recycle_autosave_files

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_recycle_autosave_files = true

Move autosave files to recycle bin.

◆ m_save_view_changes

bool CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_save_view_changes = false

true for users who consider view changes a document change

◆ m_template_files

ON_wString CRhinoAppFileSettings::m_template_files

default template file folder (RhinoInstallFolder\Templates)