Rhino C++ API  7.24
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CRhinoCopyGripsHelper Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkGrips.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoCopyGripsHelper ()
void GetNurbsCageMap (const CRhinoObject *object)
void GetNurbsCurveMap (const CRhinoObject *object)
void GetNurbsSurfaceMap (const CRhinoObject *object)
void RestoreGripStatus (CRhinoObject *object)
void RestoreNurbsCageGripStatus (CRhinoObject *object)
void RestoreNurbsCurveGripStatus (CRhinoObject *object)
void RestoreNurbsSurfaceGripStatus (CRhinoObject *object)
void SaveGripStatus (const CRhinoObject *object)

Public Attributes

ON_UuidList m_captive_object_id
int m_cv_count [3]
ON_SimpleArray< int > m_cv_grip_index
int m_grip_count
ON_SimpleArray< CRhinoGripStatusm_grip_status
CRhinoGripObject::GRIP_TYPE m_grip_type
const CRhinoGripsEnablerm_grips_enabler

Detailed Description

Description: This class is useful when grip informaton needs to be duplicated on objects are copied or replaced.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoCopyGripsHelper()

CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::CRhinoCopyGripsHelper ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetNurbsCageMap()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::GetNurbsCageMap ( const CRhinoObject object)

◆ GetNurbsCurveMap()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::GetNurbsCurveMap ( const CRhinoObject object)

◆ GetNurbsSurfaceMap()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::GetNurbsSurfaceMap ( const CRhinoObject object)

◆ RestoreGripStatus()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::RestoreGripStatus ( CRhinoObject object)

Description: Call this function turn on the grips on the copy or replacment object. Parameters: object - [in] This object should be in the document and not have its grips on.

◆ RestoreNurbsCageGripStatus()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::RestoreNurbsCageGripStatus ( CRhinoObject object)

◆ RestoreNurbsCurveGripStatus()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::RestoreNurbsCurveGripStatus ( CRhinoObject object)

◆ RestoreNurbsSurfaceGripStatus()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::RestoreNurbsSurfaceGripStatus ( CRhinoObject object)

◆ SaveGripStatus()

void CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::SaveGripStatus ( const CRhinoObject object)

Description: Call this function to save the current grip information. Parameters: object - [in] Object currently in the document with its grips on.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_captive_object_id

ON_UuidList CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_captive_object_id

◆ m_cv_count

int CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_cv_count[3]

If the old and new object are NURBS curves/surface/cages with the same cv counts, m_cv_grip_index[] is used to transmit grips status when there are fewer grips than control points. number of cvs

◆ m_cv_grip_index

ON_SimpleArray<int> CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_cv_grip_index

The grip status for cv (i,j,k) is in m_grip_status[n], where n = m_cv_map[ i + m_cv_count[0]*(j+m_cv_count[1]*k)]

◆ m_grip_count

int CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_grip_count

◆ m_grip_status

ON_SimpleArray<CRhinoGripStatus> CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_grip_status

◆ m_grip_type

CRhinoGripObject::GRIP_TYPE CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_grip_type

◆ m_grips_enabler

const CRhinoGripsEnabler* CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_grips_enabler

◆ m_saved_object

CRhinoObject* CRhinoCopyGripsHelper::m_saved_object

Implementation This pointer is for expert user's to keep track of objects. Neither SaveGripStatus() nor RestoreGripStatus() sets or references this pointer.