Rhino C++ API  8.4
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CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkAppSettings.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings ()
const ON_Interval AngleRangeDegrees () const
const ON_Interval AngleRangeRadians () const
ON__UINT32 ColorMappingCRC () const
void Defaults ()
const ON_SurfaceDraftAngleColorMapping DraftAngleColors () const
const ON_Interval HueRangeRadians () const
void LoadProfile (CRhinoProfileContext &pc)
 load from registry More...
const ON_MappingTag MappingTag () const
 The draft angle vertex color mapping tag is used to mark vertex colors when they are set by draft angle color analysis. More...
bool operator!= (const CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings &other) const
bool operator== (const CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings &other) const
const wchar_t * ProfileKey () const
void SaveProfile (CRhinoProfileContext &) const
 save in registry More...
void SetAngleRangeDegrees (double a0_degrees, double a1_degrees)
void SetAngleRangeDegrees (ON_Interval angle_range_degrees)
void SetAngleRangeRadians (double a0_radians, double a1_radians)
void SetAngleRangeRadians (ON_Interval angle_range_radians)
void Validate ()
 clamp settings to valid values More...

Public Attributes

ON_Interval m_angle_range
 angles in degrees More...
bool m_show_isoparms
ON_3dVector m_up

Static Public Attributes

static const CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings Default

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings()

CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AngleRangeDegrees()

const ON_Interval CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::AngleRangeDegrees ( ) const

◆ AngleRangeRadians()

const ON_Interval CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::AngleRangeRadians ( ) const

◆ ColorMappingCRC()

ON__UINT32 CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::ColorMappingCRC ( ) const
The 32 bit CRC of these draft angle analysis settings.

◆ Defaults()

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::Defaults ( )

◆ DraftAngleColors()

const ON_SurfaceDraftAngleColorMapping CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::DraftAngleColors ( ) const

◆ HueRangeRadians()

const ON_Interval CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::HueRangeRadians ( ) const

◆ LoadProfile()

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::LoadProfile ( CRhinoProfileContext pc)

load from registry

◆ MappingTag()

const ON_MappingTag CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::MappingTag ( ) const

The draft angle vertex color mapping tag is used to mark vertex colors when they are set by draft angle color analysis.

The vertex color mapping tag for these draft angle analysis settings.

◆ operator!=()

bool CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::operator!= ( const CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings other) const

◆ operator==()

bool CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::operator== ( const CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings other) const

◆ ProfileKey()

const wchar_t* CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::ProfileKey ( ) const

◆ SaveProfile()

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::SaveProfile ( CRhinoProfileContext ) const

save in registry

◆ SetAngleRangeDegrees() [1/2]

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::SetAngleRangeDegrees ( double  a0_degrees,
double  a1_degrees 

◆ SetAngleRangeDegrees() [2/2]

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::SetAngleRangeDegrees ( ON_Interval  angle_range_degrees)

◆ SetAngleRangeRadians() [1/2]

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::SetAngleRangeRadians ( double  a0_radians,
double  a1_radians 

◆ SetAngleRangeRadians() [2/2]

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::SetAngleRangeRadians ( ON_Interval  angle_range_radians)

◆ Validate()

void CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::Validate ( )

clamp settings to valid values

Member Data Documentation

◆ Default

const CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::Default

◆ m_angle_range

ON_Interval CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::m_angle_range

angles in degrees

◆ m_show_isoparms

bool CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::m_show_isoparms

◆ m_up

ON_3dVector CRhinoDraftAngleAnalysisSettings::m_up