Rhino C++ API  8.0
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CRhinoGetDimOrdinate Class Reference

Class to interactively get user input for radial dimensions. More...

#include <RhinoSdkDimension.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static CRhinoCommand::result GetDimOrdinate (unsigned int doc_sn, ON_DimOrdinate *&output_dimension, CRhinoObjRef &point_ref, ON_3dPoint &basepoint, ON_Plane dimension_plane, double &kink_offset, ON_DimOrdinate::MeasuredDirection &direction, bool &bBaseOverride, bool bInteractive)

Detailed Description

Class to interactively get user input for radial dimensions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDimOrdinate()

static CRhinoCommand::result CRhinoGetDimOrdinate::GetDimOrdinate ( unsigned int  doc_sn,
ON_DimOrdinate *&  output_dimension,
CRhinoObjRef point_ref,
ON_3dPoint basepoint,
ON_Plane  dimension_plane,
double &  kink_offset,
ON_DimOrdinate::MeasuredDirection direction,
bool &  bBaseOverride,
bool  bInteractive 

Description: Gets an ordinate dimension from user input Will allocate dim_out memory which caller must delete Parameters: doc_sn, [in] Serial no of the document for annotation styles output_dimension [out] Resulting dimension point_ref, [out] ObjRef of object selected to dimension basepoint, [in/out] Reference point for dimensions dimension_plane [in] Plane where dimension is made kink_offset [in/out] Distance perpendicular to measured direction between kinks when dimenson is offset from point being dimensioned direction [in/out] Xaxis - dimension meadures parallel to x axis yaxis - dimension meadures parallel to y axis bBaseOverride [out] true if basepoint has been changed bInteractive, [in] true: run in interactive mode false - run in script mode Returns: Failure: No dimension gotten Success: Got a dimension