Rhino C++ API  7.24
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CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkDoc.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions ()
bool AddToMRU () const
bool CreateHeadless () const
bool CreateStealthWorksession () const
int FileReadingPlugInFileTypeIndex () const
ON_UUID FileReadingPlugInId () const
bool MakeVisible () const
bool NameDocument () const
void SetAddToMRU (bool bAddToMRU)
void SetCreateHeadless (bool bCreateHeadless)
void SetCreateStealthWorksession (bool bCreateStealthWorksession)
void SetFileReadingPlugInId (ON_UUID file_read_plug_in_id, int file_type_index)
void SetMakeVisible (bool bMakeVisible)
void SetNameDocument (bool bNameDocument)
void SetUpdateDefaultDirectory (bool bUpdateDefaultDirectory)
void SetUserQueriesPermitted (bool bUserQueriesPermitted)
bool UpdateDefaultDirectory () const
bool UserQueriesPermitted () const

Static Public Attributes

static const CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions Defaults

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions()

CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions ( )

The CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions class is used to pass options to the static CRhinoDoc::OpenDocument() function.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddToMRU()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::AddToMRU ( ) const

Returns: true if the model file name should be added to the MRU list after the file is successfully read. Remarks: Default value is true.

◆ CreateHeadless()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::CreateHeadless ( ) const

Returns: true if a "headless" document should be created Remarks: This function is a work in progress and may change during the development of V7

◆ CreateStealthWorksession()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::CreateStealthWorksession ( ) const

Returns: true if a "stealth" worksession should be created. Remarks: Default value is true. Ideally, this function will vanish in the near future!

◆ FileReadingPlugInFileTypeIndex()

int CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::FileReadingPlugInFileTypeIndex ( ) const

◆ FileReadingPlugInId()

ON_UUID CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::FileReadingPlugInId ( ) const

Returns: non nil The id of a file reading plug-in to read the file. ON_nil_uuid The model file will be read as a native rhino .3dm file. Remarks: Default value is nil.

◆ MakeVisible()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::MakeVisible ( ) const

Returns: true if the model should be visible after the file is successfully read. Remarks: Default value is true.

◆ NameDocument()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::NameDocument ( ) const

Returns: true if the document name should be set from the file name. false if the model is not named (reading a backup or auto-save file). Remarks: Default value is true.

◆ SetAddToMRU()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetAddToMRU ( bool  bAddToMRU)

◆ SetCreateHeadless()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetCreateHeadless ( bool  bCreateHeadless)

◆ SetCreateStealthWorksession()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetCreateStealthWorksession ( bool  bCreateStealthWorksession)

◆ SetFileReadingPlugInId()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetFileReadingPlugInId ( ON_UUID  file_read_plug_in_id,
int  file_type_index 

◆ SetMakeVisible()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetMakeVisible ( bool  bMakeVisible)

◆ SetNameDocument()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetNameDocument ( bool  bNameDocument)

◆ SetUpdateDefaultDirectory()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetUpdateDefaultDirectory ( bool  bUpdateDefaultDirectory)

◆ SetUserQueriesPermitted()

void CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::SetUserQueriesPermitted ( bool  bUserQueriesPermitted)

◆ UpdateDefaultDirectory()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::UpdateDefaultDirectory ( ) const

Returns: true if the Rhino application default directory should be updated. Remarks: Default value is true.

◆ UserQueriesPermitted()

bool CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::UserQueriesPermitted ( ) const

Returns: true if the user interface queries or dialogs are permitted. Remarks: Default value is true.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Defaults

const CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions::Defaults

Not needed until implementation changes ~CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions(); CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions(const CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions& src); CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions& operator=(const CRhinoOpenDocumentOptions& src);