Rhino C++ API  7.24
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CRhinoPageViewIterator Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkView.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoPageViewIterator (unsigned int rhino_doc_sn)
class CRhinoPageViewCurrentView () const
unsigned int CurrentViewRuntimeSerialNumber () const
unsigned int DocRuntimeSerialNumber () const
class CRhinoPageViewFirst ()
class CRhinoPageViewNext ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoPageViewIterator()

CRhinoPageViewIterator::CRhinoPageViewIterator ( unsigned int  rhino_doc_sn)

Parameters: rhino_doc_sn - [in] 0: iterate all views of all documents. >0: iteration all views of the specified doc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CurrentView()

class CRhinoPageView* CRhinoPageViewIterator::CurrentView ( ) const

Returns: The current value of the iterator. Remarks:

◆ CurrentViewRuntimeSerialNumber()

unsigned int CRhinoPageViewIterator::CurrentViewRuntimeSerialNumber ( ) const

◆ DocRuntimeSerialNumber()

unsigned int CRhinoPageViewIterator::DocRuntimeSerialNumber ( ) const

Example: Iteratate all page views: unsigned int rhino_doc_sn = 0 or doc->RuntimeSerialNumber(); CRhinoDocIterator doc_it(rhino_doc_sn); for ( CRhinoPageView* rhino_page_view = view_it.First(); 0 != rhino_page_view; rhino_page_view = view_it.Next() ) { ... }

◆ First()

class CRhinoPageView* CRhinoPageViewIterator::First ( )

Returns: The first page view that exists. Remarks: You may call First() multiple times on the same iterator.

◆ Next()

class CRhinoPageView* CRhinoPageViewIterator::Next ( )

Returns: The next page view that exists. Remarks:

  • Once Next() returns null, it will continue to return null until First() is called.
  • If First() has not be called, the first call to Next() returns the first view in Rhino. This is done so that people can write while loops like CRhinoViewIterator it(rhino_doc_sn); while ( CRhinoView* rhino_view = it.Next() ) { ... }