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CRhinoTargetDocChanged Class Referenceabstract

#include <rhinoSdkEventWatcher.h>

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class  CParameters

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoTargetDocChanged (ON_UUID plugin_id)
 CRhinoTargetDocChanged (ON_UUID plugin_id, bool headlessDocAware, bool headlessAppAware)
virtual void Notify (const class CRhinoTargetDocChanged::CParameters &params)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoEventWatcherEx
void Enable (bool bEnable)
bool IsEnabled () const
bool IsHeadlessAppAware () const
bool IsHeadlessDocAware () const
bool IsRegistered () const
void operator delete (void *)
void operator delete (void *, void *)
void operator delete[] (void *)
void * operator new (size_t)
 new/delete More...
void * operator new (size_t, void *)
 in place new/delete More...
void * operator new[] (size_t)
 array new/delete More...
bool Register ()
bool Unregister ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CRhinoEventWatcherEx
enum  event_type {
  event_type_none = 0, event_type_transform_object = 1, event_type_change_object_select_state = 2, event_type_after_transform_object = 3,
  event_type_set_active_detail_object = 4, event_type_view_display_mode_changed = 5, event_type_before_post_read_view_update = 6, event_type_after_post_read_view_update = 7,
  event_type_rhino_is_idle = 8, event_type_modeless_ui_doc_changed = 9, event_type_target_doc_changed = 10, event_type_plug_in_settings_changed = 11,
  event_type_rui_file = 12, event_type_main_loop = 13, event_type_view_modified = 14, event_type_doc_user_text_changed = 15,
  event_type_display_mode_settings_changed = 16, event_type_object_manager_changed = 17, event_type_max, event_type_force_4byte_size = 0xFFFFFFFF
- Public Attributes inherited from CRhinoEventWatcherEx
const event_type m_event_type
 Type of event being watched. More...
const ON_UUID m_plugin_id
 ID of plug-in that is watching. More...
const unsigned int m_watcher_sn
 unique runtime serial number for this watcher More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CRhinoEventWatcherEx
 CRhinoEventWatcherEx (CRhinoEventWatcherEx::event_type et, ON_UUID plugin_id)
 CRhinoEventWatcherEx (CRhinoEventWatcherEx::event_type et, ON_UUID plugin_id, bool headlessDocAware, bool headlessAppAware)
virtual ~CRhinoEventWatcherEx ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoTargetDocChanged() [1/2]

CRhinoTargetDocChanged::CRhinoTargetDocChanged ( ON_UUID  plugin_id)

◆ CRhinoTargetDocChanged() [2/2]

CRhinoTargetDocChanged::CRhinoTargetDocChanged ( ON_UUID  plugin_id,
bool  headlessDocAware,
bool  headlessAppAware 

Member Function Documentation

◆ Notify()

virtual void CRhinoTargetDocChanged::Notify ( const class CRhinoTargetDocChanged::CParameters params)
pure virtual

Rhino will call Notify() when the document that a new command targets is changed. When you receive this event do not immediately update your user interface display. Instead, something that is fast and efficient like invalidating a control's window and returning. When you get a "paint" message, then call CRhinoDoc::TargetRuntimeSerialNumber() to get the most up to date value and do whatever is appropriate.