Rhino C++ API  8.7
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CRhinoTestCommand Class Reference

#include <rhinoSdkCommand.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CRhinoTestCommand (bool bTransparent=false, bool bDoNotRepeat=false, const class CRhinoPlugIn *pPlugIn=nullptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoCommand
 CRhinoCommand (bool bTransparent=false, bool bDoNotRepeat=false, const class CRhinoPlugIn *pPlugIn=nullptr, bool bTestCommand=false)
virtual ~CRhinoCommand ()
const unsigned int & CommandFlags () const
UUID CommandId () const
virtual UUID CommandUUID ()=0
 !! See cmdExample.cpp for instructions on the use of this class. !! ///< More...
virtual bool ContextHelpURL (ON_wString &url) const
virtual void DoHelp ()
 Override this function to display help for this command. More...
virtual void DynamicDraw (class CRhinoView &)
virtual CRhinoObjectEditObjects (const class CRhinoHistoryRecord &history_record, ON_SimpleArray< CRhinoObjectPair > &results)
void EnableHistoryReplayOnObjectAttributeChange (bool bEnable=true)
void EnableRepeatable (BOOL32 bRepeatable=true)
void EnableUndo (bool bUndoable=true)
virtual const wchar_t * EnglishCommandName () const
virtual const wchar_t * EnglishCommandName ()=0
bool HistoryReplayOnObjectAttributeChange () const
bool IsAlphaCommand () const
 Returns true if a command is an "alpha" command. More...
bool IsRepeatable () const
bool IsScriptRunnerCommand () const
bool IsSystem () const
bool IsTestCommand () const
bool IsTransparent () const
bool IsUndoable () const
virtual void LoadProfile (LPCTSTR lpszSection, CRhinoProfileContext &pc)
virtual const wchar_t * LocalCommandName () const
const class CRhinoPlugInPlugIn () const
virtual CRhinoObjectReplayHistory (const class CRhinoHistoryRecord &history_record)
virtual bool ReplayHistory (const class CRhinoHistoryRecord &history_record, ON_SimpleArray< CRhinoObjectPair > &results)
virtual CRhinoCommand::result RunCommand (const CRhinoCommandContext &)=0
virtual void SaveProfile (LPCTSTR lpszSection, CRhinoProfileContext &pc)
CRhinoSettingsSettings ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CRhinoCommand
enum  result {
  success = 0, cancel = 1, nothing = 2, failure,
  unknown_command, cancel_modeless_dialog, exit_rhino = 0x0FFFFFFF
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoCommand
static bool IsValidCommandName (const wchar_t *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoTestCommand()

CRhinoTestCommand::CRhinoTestCommand ( bool  bTransparent = false,
bool  bDoNotRepeat = false,
const class CRhinoPlugIn pPlugIn = nullptr 

Description: For each class derived from CRhinoCommand, there is only a single static instance that exists in the .CPP file where the class is defined. No other instances of a class derived from CRhinoCommand or CRhinoTestCommand should ever be created. Parameters: bTransparent - [in] true if command is transparent and can be run inside of other commands. bDoNotRepeat - [in] true if command should not be repeated. pPlugIn - [in] if command is part of a plug-in, the plug-in pointer must be passed here. (This is automatically handled by the plug-in wizard.) Remarks: All commands derived from CRhinoTestCommand are "test" commands and are not available in the commercial release.