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CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog Class Reference

#include <RhinoSdkUiPageDockBarManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog:
CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage CRhinoUiDialog CRhinoObjectPropertiesModelessDockingDialog

Public Member Functions

virtual bool ForwardLMouseDblClickMessagesToParent (CPoint point)
virtual bool ForwardLMouseDownMessagesToParent (CPoint point)
virtual void OnExpandTab (int iTabIndex, bool bExpand)
virtual void OnHideTab (int iTabIndex, bool bHide)
virtual BOOL32 OnInitDialog ()
virtual void OnUnhandledEscapeAndEnter (UINT nChar)
virtual BOOL32 PreCreateWindow (CREATESTRUCT &cs)
virtual BOOL32 PreTranslateMessage (MSG *pMsg)
virtual LRESULT WindowProc (UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage
 CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName=NULL, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual ~CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage
 CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName=NULL, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual ~CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage ()
const CRhinoUiExpandableTabCtrlItemGetExpandableTabCtrlItem () const
CRhinoUiExpandableTabCtrlGetTabCtrl () const
afx_msg HBRUSH OnCtlColor (CDC *pDC, CWnd *pWnd, UINT nCtlColor)
afx_msg BOOL32 OnEraseBkgnd (CDC *pDC)
afx_msg void OnSysColorChange ()
LPCTSTR PageName () const
bool SetUseSpecialColors (bool b)
bool UseSpecialColors () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
 CRhinoUiDialog (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName=NULL, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 CRhinoUiDialog (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual ~CRhinoUiDialog ()
bool AddResizeControl (bool b)
bool AllowEscapeAndEnter () const
void CallOnUpdateUi ()
virtual BOOL32 Create (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 Modeless construct. More...
virtual BOOL32 Create (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual BOOL32 CreateIndirect (HGLOBAL hDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual BOOL32 CreateIndirect (LPCDLGTEMPLATE lpDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL, void *lpDialogInit=NULL)
AFX_MODULE_STATE * DialogModuleState ()
UINT DialogTemplateID () const
LPCTSTR DialogTemplateName () const
void DisableAllDialogItems ()
INT_PTR DoModal ()
void EnableAllDlgControls (bool bEnable)
bool EnableDialogItem (UINT nItemID, bool bEnable)
int EnableDialogItems (CUIntArray &nItemIDArray, bool bEnable)
int EnableDialogItems (UINT *nItemIDArray, int iArraySize, bool bEnable)
bool GetDlgItemRect (UINT nID, CRect &rc)
bool IsDialogItemEnabled (UINT nItemID) const
bool IsResizable ()
bool IsRhinoFlagSet (rhino_dialog_flags flag) const
afx_msg int OnCreate (LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
afx_msg HBRUSH OnCtlColor (CDC *pDC, CWnd *pWnd, UINT nCtlColor)
afx_msg void OnDestroy ()
afx_msg void OnGetMinMaxInfo (MINMAXINFO *lpMMI)
afx_msg void OnLButtonDblClk (UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
afx_msg void OnLButtonDown (UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
afx_msg LRESULT OnNcHitTest (CPoint point)
afx_msg void OnPaint ()
afx_msg void OnSize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
virtual bool OverrideAllowEscapeAndEnter (MSG *msg)
void PaintGradientTitleRect (CDC *pDC, LPRECT lpRect, const char *lpsCaption=0, bool bActiveWindow=TRUE)
void PaintGradientTitleRect (CDC *pDC, LPRECT lpRect, const wchar_t *lpsCaption=0, bool bActiveWindow=TRUE)
void RestoreAllDisabledDialogItems ()
int RhinoFlags () const
bool SetAllowEscapeAndEnter (bool b)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (CWnd *pWndCtrl, const char *lpsToolTip)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (CWnd *pWndCtrl, const wchar_t *lpsToolTip)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (UINT nID, const char *lpsToolTip)
bool SetDlgItemToolTip (UINT nID, const wchar_t *lpsToolTip)
bool SetMinSizeToCurrentSize ()
bool SetRhinoFlag (rhino_dialog_flags flag, bool b)
int SetRhinoFlags (int iFlags)
void SetToolTipOwner (CWnd *pWnd)
 Ported from CRhinoUiDialog. More...

Protected Member Functions

 CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog (LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName=NULL, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
 CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog (UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL)
virtual ~CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog ()
void Construct ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage
afx_msg int OnCreate (LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
bool _SetDlgItemToolTip (CWnd *pWndCtrl, LPCTSTR lpsToolTip)
void Construct ()
virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
 DDX/DDV support. More...
BOOL32 RhCreateDlgIndirect (LPCDLGTEMPLATE lpDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd, HINSTANCE hInst)
BOOL32 RhCreateIndirect (HGLOBAL hDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd, HINSTANCE hInst)
BOOL32 RhCreateIndirect (LPCDLGTEMPLATE lpDialogTemplate, CWnd *pParentWnd, void *lpDialogInit, HINSTANCE hInst)
INT_PTR RhDoModal ()

Protected Attributes

UUID m_uuid
ON_wString m_wName
- Protected Attributes inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
bool m_activate_tool_tip
bool m_allow_escape_and_enter
bool m_bAddResizer
UUID m_plugin_id
CRect m_rcGripper
CRect m_rcPage
int m_rhino_flags
CSize m_sizeGripper
CSize m_sizeMax
 Defaults to 0,0 which means no clamp, if other than 0,0 use this instead. More...
CSize m_sizeMin
 Defaults to 0,0 which means no clamp, if other than 0,0 use this instead. More...
UINT m_template_name_id
CString m_template_name_string
CToolTipCtrl m_tool_tip
CWnd * m_tool_tip_owner


class CRhinoUiModlessDockingDialogManager

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
enum  rhino_dialog_flags { is_dockbar_dialog = 1, force_32bit_rhino_flag = 0xFFFFFFFF }
 Reserved for future use. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from CRhinoUiDialog
bool m_allow_auto_resize
CRhinoUiLocalizeDialog m_localize
 For internal use only. More...
CRhinoUiDialogItemResizer m_Resize

Detailed Description

class CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog() [1/2]

CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog ( LPCTSTR  lpszTemplateName = NULL,
CWnd *  pParentWnd = NULL 

◆ CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog() [2/2]

CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog ( UINT  nIDTemplate,
CWnd *  pParentWnd = NULL 

◆ ~CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog()

virtual CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::~CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Construct()

void CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::Construct ( )

◆ ForwardLMouseDblClickMessagesToParent()

virtual bool CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::ForwardLMouseDblClickMessagesToParent ( CPoint  point)

Description: This method is overridden to allow users to toggle dock bar docked state by double clicking on the client area of the dialog.

See CRhinoUiDialog::ForwardLMouseDblClickMessagesToParent() for additional details. See Also: CRhinoUiDialog::ForwardLMouseDblClickMessagesToParent()

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage.

◆ ForwardLMouseDownMessagesToParent()

virtual bool CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::ForwardLMouseDownMessagesToParent ( CPoint  point)

Description: This method is overridden to allow users to drag dock bar by clicking on client area of the dialog.

See CRhinoUiDialog::ForwardLMouseDownMessagesToParent() for additional details. See Also: CRhinoUiDialog::ForwardLMouseDownMessagesToParent()

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDockBarClientExpandableTabPage.

◆ OnExpandTab()

virtual void CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::OnExpandTab ( int  iTabIndex,
bool  bExpand 

Description: Event notification which is called when a tabs has been expanded or contracted.

Parameters: iTabIndex [in] Tab control index for this item bExpand [in] If true then tab has been expanded otherwise tab has been contracted.

See Also: CRhinoUiExpandableTabCtrl::ExpandItem()

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage.

◆ OnHideTab()

virtual void CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::OnHideTab ( int  iTabIndex,
bool  bHide 

Begin CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage overrides

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage.

◆ OnInitDialog()

virtual BOOL32 CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::OnInitDialog ( )

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage.

◆ OnUnhandledEscapeAndEnter()

virtual void CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::OnUnhandledEscapeAndEnter ( UINT  nChar)

End CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage overrides

Begin CRhinoUiDialog overrides

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDialog.

◆ PreCreateWindow()

virtual BOOL32 CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::PreCreateWindow ( CREATESTRUCT &  cs)

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiExpandableTabPage.

◆ PreTranslateMessage()

virtual BOOL32 CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::PreTranslateMessage ( MSG *  pMsg)

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDialog.

◆ WindowProc()

virtual LRESULT CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::WindowProc ( UINT  message,
WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 

Reimplemented from CRhinoUiDialog.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CRhinoUiModlessDockingDialogManager

End CRhinoUiDialog overrides

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_uuid

UUID CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::m_uuid

◆ m_wName

ON_wString CRhinoUiModelessDockingDialog::m_wName