Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhRdkThumbnails Class Referenceabstract

#include <RhRdkPlugIn.h>


class  CThumbnailMetrics

Public Types

enum  orientation { or_vertical, or_horizontal }

Public Member Functions

virtual void Delete (void)=0
virtual UINT DoubleClickedMessageNumber (void) const =0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *, void *)=0
virtual bool GetContentArray (const CRhRdkThumbArray &aThumb, CRhRdkInstanceIdArray &aContentOut)=0
virtual bool GetSelection (CRhRdkThumbArray &aThumbOut)=0
virtual bool GetThumbnailMetrics (CThumbnailMetrics &m) const =0
virtual orientation GridModeOrientation (void) const =0
virtual bool IsScrollBarVisible (void) const =0
virtual void MoveWindow (const ON_4iRect &rect)=0
virtual UINT SelChangedMessageNumber (void) const =0
virtual UINT SelChangingMessageNumber (void) const =0
virtual void SetGridModeOrientation (orientation o)=0
virtual void SetRdkDocument (const CRhRdkDocument &rdkDoc)=0
virtual bool SetSelection (const CRhRdkThumbArray &aThumb)=0
virtual UINT ThumbSizeChangedMessageNumber (void) const =0
virtual UUID Uuid (void) const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IRhRdkThumbnails ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ orientation

Orientation of the thumbnails. This determines if the thumbnails have a vertical or horizontal scroll bar.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IRhRdkThumbnails()

virtual IRhRdkThumbnails::~IRhRdkThumbnails ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Delete()

virtual void IRhRdkThumbnails::Delete ( void  )
pure virtual

You must call this to delete the control after use.

◆ DoubleClickedMessageNumber()

virtual UINT IRhRdkThumbnails::DoubleClickedMessageNumber ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The message that the control sends to the parent window when a thumbnail is double-clicked.

◆ EVF()

virtual void* IRhRdkThumbnails::EVF ( const wchar_t *  ,
void *   
pure virtual

Emergency virtual function for future expansion.

◆ GetContentArray()

virtual bool IRhRdkThumbnails::GetContentArray ( const CRhRdkThumbArray aThumb,
CRhRdkInstanceIdArray aContentOut 
pure virtual

Get the contents associated with a set of thumbnails. If the thumbnails are not displaying contents, the function will fail.

aThumbis the array of thumbnail handles to return the contents for.
aContentOutaccepts the associated content instance ids.
true if successful, else false.

◆ GetSelection()

virtual bool IRhRdkThumbnails::GetSelection ( CRhRdkThumbArray aThumbOut)
pure virtual

Get the set of selected thumbnails.

aThumbOutaccepts the thumbnail handles of the selected thumbnails.
true if successful, else false.

◆ GetThumbnailMetrics()

virtual bool IRhRdkThumbnails::GetThumbnailMetrics ( CThumbnailMetrics m) const
pure virtual

Get the metrics of a thumbnail.

◆ GridModeOrientation()

virtual orientation IRhRdkThumbnails::GridModeOrientation ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get the orientation the thumbnails have when in 'grid' mode. The default is or_vertical.

See also

◆ IsScrollBarVisible()

virtual bool IRhRdkThumbnails::IsScrollBarVisible ( void  ) const
pure virtual
true if scroll bar is visible, else false.

◆ MoveWindow()

virtual void IRhRdkThumbnails::MoveWindow ( const ON_4iRect rect)
pure virtual

Set the position and size of the control.

rectis the rectangle to move to, expressed in client coordinates of the parent.

◆ SelChangedMessageNumber()

virtual UINT IRhRdkThumbnails::SelChangedMessageNumber ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The message that the control sends to the parent window when the selection has changed.

◆ SelChangingMessageNumber()

virtual UINT IRhRdkThumbnails::SelChangingMessageNumber ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The message that the control sends to the parent window when the selection is about to change.

◆ SetGridModeOrientation()

virtual void IRhRdkThumbnails::SetGridModeOrientation ( orientation  o)
pure virtual

Set the orientation the thumbnails should have when in 'grid' mode.

See also

◆ SetRdkDocument()

virtual void IRhRdkThumbnails::SetRdkDocument ( const CRhRdkDocument rdkDoc)
pure virtual

Optionally set a document for the thumbnails to use. This is not required for modeless thumbnails because they find the document automatically. If you are writing a modal dialog, you may need to call this method and pass a special document to override the automatic default.

◆ SetSelection()

virtual bool IRhRdkThumbnails::SetSelection ( const CRhRdkThumbArray aThumb)
pure virtual

Select a set of thumbnails.

aThumbspecifies the thumbnails to select.
true if successful, else false.

◆ ThumbSizeChangedMessageNumber()

virtual UINT IRhRdkThumbnails::ThumbSizeChangedMessageNumber ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The message that the control sends to the parent window when the thumbnail size is changed.

◆ Uuid()

virtual UUID IRhRdkThumbnails::Uuid ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The unique id of the thumbnail control.