Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhinoUiHolder Class Referenceabstract

#include <IRhRdkSectionHolder.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhinoUiHolder:


class  IIterator

Public Types

enum  Margins : unsigned int { Margins::Top, Margins::Bottom, Margins::Left, Margins::Right }
enum  Styles : unsigned int { Styles::Flat }

Public Member Functions

virtual bool AttachSection (IRhinoUiSection *pSection)=0
virtual void BeginAttachDetachSections (void)=0
virtual bool DetachSection (IRhinoUiSection &s)=0
virtual bool EnableHeaderButton (IRhinoUiSection &s, int index, bool bEnable)=0
virtual void EndAttachDetachSections (void)=0
virtual bool ExpandSection (IRhinoUiSection &s, bool bExpand, bool bEnsureVisible)=0
virtual int GetScrollPos (void) const =0
virtual int GetSectionCount (void) const =0
virtual bool IsSectionExpanded (const IRhinoUiSection &s) const =0
virtual int Margin (Margins m) const =0
virtual IIteratorNewIterator (void) const =0
virtual void SetBackgroundColor (const ON_Color &col)=0
virtual void SetEmptyText (const wchar_t *wsz)=0
void SetFullHeightSection (IRhinoUiSection &section)
virtual void SetMargin (Margins m, int pixels)=0
virtual void SetScrollPos (int pos, bool bRedraw)=0
virtual void SetSettingsSubKey (const wchar_t *wsz)=0
virtual bool ShowHeaderButton (IRhinoUiSection &s, int index, bool bShow)=0
virtual void UpdateAllViews (unsigned int flags)=0
virtual UUID Uuid (void) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiWindow
virtual ON_wString Caption (bool bAlwaysEnglish=false) const =0
virtual void Delete (void)=0
virtual void Enable (bool bEnable)=0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *wszFunc, void *pvData)=0
virtual void GetScreenCoords (ON_4iRect &rectOut) const =0
virtual HWND GetWindow (void)=0
virtual bool IsCreated (void) const =0
virtual bool IsEnabled (void) const =0
virtual bool IsShown (void) const =0
virtual void Move (const ON_4iRect &rect, bool bRepaint=false, bool bRepaintBorder=false)=0
virtual HWND Parent (void) const =0
virtual void Refresh (bool bImmediate=false)=0
virtual void SetFocus (void)=0
virtual void SetParent (HWND parent)=0
virtual void Show (bool bShow)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static IRhinoUiHolderNew (RhRdkUiFrameworks f, const ON_4iRect &rect, const ON_Color &colBackground, HWND hParent=NULL, IRhinoUiHolder::Styles style=IRhinoUiHolder::Styles::Flat)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IRhinoUiHolder ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiWindow
virtual ~IRhinoUiWindow ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Margins

enum IRhinoUiHolder::Margins : unsigned int

◆ Styles

enum IRhinoUiHolder::Styles : unsigned int

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IRhinoUiHolder()

virtual IRhinoUiHolder::~IRhinoUiHolder ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AttachSection()

virtual bool IRhinoUiHolder::AttachSection ( IRhinoUiSection pSection)
pure virtual

Attaches a section to the holder. The holder takes ownership of the section.

pSectionis a pointer to a new section.
true if successful, else false.

◆ BeginAttachDetachSections()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::BeginAttachDetachSections ( void  )
pure virtual

Call this before attaching or detaching more than one section. This optimizes the process and reduces the amount of flicker when attaching or detaching multiple sections.

◆ DetachSection()

virtual bool IRhinoUiHolder::DetachSection ( IRhinoUiSection s)
pure virtual

Detaches a section from the holder. The section is hidden, unparented from the holder and returned to the ownership of the caller. If you are not planning to reuse the section, you must call Delete() on it.

◆ EnableHeaderButton()

virtual bool IRhinoUiHolder::EnableHeaderButton ( IRhinoUiSection s,
int  index,
bool  bEnable 
pure virtual

Enable or disable a section's header button.

sis the section.
indexis the index of the button.
bEnableis the enable state.

◆ EndAttachDetachSections()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::EndAttachDetachSections ( void  )
pure virtual

Call this after attaching or detaching more than one section.

◆ ExpandSection()

virtual bool IRhinoUiHolder::ExpandSection ( IRhinoUiSection s,
bool  bExpand,
bool  bEnsureVisible 
pure virtual

Expands or collapses a section.

sis the section.
bExpandis true to expand the section, false to collapse it.
bEnsureVisibleis true to scroll the section into view, else false.
true if successful, else false.

◆ GetScrollPos()

virtual int IRhinoUiHolder::GetScrollPos ( void  ) const
pure virtual

return The vertical scroll bar position.

◆ GetSectionCount()

virtual int IRhinoUiHolder::GetSectionCount ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ IsSectionExpanded()

virtual bool IRhinoUiHolder::IsSectionExpanded ( const IRhinoUiSection s) const
pure virtual
true if a section is expanded, else false.
sis the section to check.

◆ Margin()

virtual int IRhinoUiHolder::Margin ( Margins  m) const
pure virtual

◆ New()

static IRhinoUiHolder* IRhinoUiHolder::New ( RhRdkUiFrameworks  f,
const ON_4iRect rect,
const ON_Color colBackground,
HWND  hParent = NULL,
IRhinoUiHolder::Styles  style = IRhinoUiHolder::Styles::Flat 

Create a new holder.

fis the framework to use.
rectis the initial rect for the holder.
colBackgroundobsolete. The background color is now automatically set based on the current Rhino color scheme.
hParentis the holder's parent window.
styleis the holder style (for future use).
A pointer to the holder if successful, or null on failure. The caller shall delete the holder when it is no longer needed.
See also

◆ NewIterator()

virtual IIterator* IRhinoUiHolder::NewIterator ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get a section iterator. The caller shall delete the iterator when no longer needed.

◆ SetBackgroundColor()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::SetBackgroundColor ( const ON_Color col)
pure virtual

OBSOLETE. Always uses Rhino compliant colors.

◆ SetEmptyText()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::SetEmptyText ( const wchar_t *  wsz)
pure virtual

Sets text to be displayed in the holder when there are no sections.

◆ SetFullHeightSection()

void IRhinoUiHolder::SetFullHeightSection ( IRhinoUiSection section)

Sets a section as 'full height'. This means it expands to use the available space below it.

◆ SetMargin()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::SetMargin ( Margins  m,
int  pixels 
pure virtual

◆ SetScrollPos()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::SetScrollPos ( int  pos,
bool  bRedraw 
pure virtual

Sets the vertical scroll bar position.

◆ SetSettingsSubKey()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::SetSettingsSubKey ( const wchar_t *  wsz)
pure virtual

Optionally call this to specify a sub-key for storing section settings.

◆ ShowHeaderButton()

virtual bool IRhinoUiHolder::ShowHeaderButton ( IRhinoUiSection s,
int  index,
bool  bShow 
pure virtual

Show or hide a section's header button.

sis the section.
indexis the index of the button.
bShowis the show state.

◆ UpdateAllViews()

virtual void IRhinoUiHolder::UpdateAllViews ( unsigned int  flags)
pure virtual

Calls UpdateView() on all sections.

flagsspecifies what to update. See the enum at IRhinoUiSection::UpdateView()

◆ Uuid()

virtual UUID IRhinoUiHolder::Uuid ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The unique identifier of the holder.