Rhino C++ API  8.6
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ON_AggregateComponentStatus Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_compstat.h>

Inheritance diagram for ON_AggregateComponentStatus:

Public Member Functions

 ON_AggregateComponentStatus ()=default
 ON_AggregateComponentStatus (const class ON_AggregateComponentStatusEx &)
 ON_AggregateComponentStatus (const ON_AggregateComponentStatus &)=default
 ~ON_AggregateComponentStatus ()=default
bool Add (const ON_AggregateComponentStatus &aggregate_status)
bool Add (ON_ComponentStatus component_status)
ON_ComponentStatus AggregateStatus () const
bool ClearAggregateStatus (ON_ComponentStatus states_to_clear)
bool ClearAllStates ()
unsigned int ComponentCount () const
unsigned int DamagedCount () const
unsigned int HiddenCount () const
unsigned int HighlightedCount () const
bool IsCurrent () const
bool IsEmpty () const
unsigned int LockedCount () const
void MarkAsNotCurrent ()
ON_AggregateComponentStatusoperator= (const class ON_AggregateComponentStatusEx &)
ON_AggregateComponentStatusoperator= (const ON_AggregateComponentStatus &)=default
unsigned int SelectedCount () const
unsigned int SelectedPersistentCount () const

Static Public Attributes

static const ON_AggregateComponentStatus Empty
static const ON_AggregateComponentStatus NotCurrent

Detailed Description

ON_AggregateComponentStatus ON_AggregateComponentStatus is obsolete. It exists because the virtual interface on ON_Object and the member on ON_Brep cannot be changed without breakky the pubic C++ SDK. Whenever possible, use ON_AggregateComponentStatusEx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_AggregateComponentStatus() [1/3]

ON_AggregateComponentStatus::ON_AggregateComponentStatus ( )

◆ ~ON_AggregateComponentStatus()

ON_AggregateComponentStatus::~ON_AggregateComponentStatus ( )

◆ ON_AggregateComponentStatus() [2/3]

ON_AggregateComponentStatus::ON_AggregateComponentStatus ( const ON_AggregateComponentStatus )

◆ ON_AggregateComponentStatus() [3/3]

ON_AggregateComponentStatus::ON_AggregateComponentStatus ( const class ON_AggregateComponentStatusEx )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add() [1/2]

bool ON_AggregateComponentStatus::Add ( const ON_AggregateComponentStatus aggregate_status)

Description: Add the status information in aggregate_status to this aggregate status. Parameters: aggregate_status - [in] Returns: true if successful. false if information is not current and Add failed.

◆ Add() [2/2]

bool ON_AggregateComponentStatus::Add ( ON_ComponentStatus  component_status)

Description: Add the status information in component_status to this aggregate status. Parameters: component_status - [in] Returns: true if successful. false if information is not current and Add failed.

◆ AggregateStatus()

ON_ComponentStatus ON_AggregateComponentStatus::AggregateStatus ( ) const

◆ ClearAggregateStatus()

bool ON_AggregateComponentStatus::ClearAggregateStatus ( ON_ComponentStatus  states_to_clear)

Description: Sets all states specified by states_to_clear to clear.
Does not change current mark. Does not change component count. Returns true if successful. false if information is not current and ClearAggregateStatus() failed.

◆ ClearAllStates()

bool ON_AggregateComponentStatus::ClearAllStates ( )

Description: Sets all states to clear.
Marks status as current. Does not change component count Returns true if successful. false if information is not current and ClearAllStates() failed.

◆ ComponentCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::ComponentCount ( ) const

◆ DamagedCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::DamagedCount ( ) const

◆ HiddenCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::HiddenCount ( ) const

◆ HighlightedCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::HighlightedCount ( ) const

◆ IsCurrent()

bool ON_AggregateComponentStatus::IsCurrent ( ) const

Returns: true if the information is current (valid, up to date, ...). false if the information is not current. Remarks: If the information is not current, all counts are zero and states are clear.

◆ IsEmpty()

bool ON_AggregateComponentStatus::IsEmpty ( ) const

Returns: true if this is empty false if not empty.

◆ LockedCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::LockedCount ( ) const

◆ MarkAsNotCurrent()

void ON_AggregateComponentStatus::MarkAsNotCurrent ( )

Description: Mark the information as not current. Erases all information.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

ON_AggregateComponentStatus& ON_AggregateComponentStatus::operator= ( const class ON_AggregateComponentStatusEx )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

ON_AggregateComponentStatus& ON_AggregateComponentStatus::operator= ( const ON_AggregateComponentStatus )

◆ SelectedCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::SelectedCount ( ) const

Returns: Number of components that are selected or persistently selected.

◆ SelectedPersistentCount()

unsigned int ON_AggregateComponentStatus::SelectedPersistentCount ( ) const

Returns: Number of components that are persistently selected.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Empty

const ON_AggregateComponentStatus ON_AggregateComponentStatus::Empty

◆ NotCurrent

const ON_AggregateComponentStatus ON_AggregateComponentStatus::NotCurrent