Rhino C++ API  8.4
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ON_ManagedFonts Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_internal_glyph.h>

Public Member Functions

const ON_FontGetFromFontCharacteristics (const ON_Font &font_characteristics, bool bCreateIfNotFound)
const ON_FontGetFromSerialNumber (unsigned int managed_font_runtime_serial_number)

Static Public Member Functions

static int CompareFontPointer (ON_Font const *const *lhs, ON_Font const *const *rhs)
 sorts nulls to end of lists More...
static bool GetFontMetricsInFontDesignUnits (const ON_Font *font, ON_FontMetrics &font_metrics_in_font_design_units)
static unsigned int GetGlyphMetricsInFontDesignUnits (const class ON_Font *font, ON__UINT32 unicode_code_point, class ON_TextBox &glyph_metrics_in_font_design_units)
static const ON_FontListInstalledFonts ()
static const ON_FontListManagedFonts ()

Static Public Attributes

static ON_ManagedFonts List
 List is the only instance of this class. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ CompareFontPointer()

static int ON_ManagedFonts::CompareFontPointer ( ON_Font const *const *  lhs,
ON_Font const *const *  rhs 

sorts nulls to end of lists

◆ GetFontMetricsInFontDesignUnits()

static bool ON_ManagedFonts::GetFontMetricsInFontDesignUnits ( const ON_Font font,
ON_FontMetrics font_metrics_in_font_design_units 

Parameters: font - [in] font_metrics_in_font_design_units - [out] Returns: True: font_metrics_in_font_design_units set from a font installed on the current device. False: ON_FontMetrics::LastResortMetrics used or other corrections applied.

◆ GetFromFontCharacteristics()

const ON_Font* ON_ManagedFonts::GetFromFontCharacteristics ( const ON_Font font_characteristics,
bool  bCreateIfNotFound 

◆ GetFromSerialNumber()

const ON_Font* ON_ManagedFonts::GetFromSerialNumber ( unsigned int  managed_font_runtime_serial_number)

◆ GetGlyphMetricsInFontDesignUnits()

static unsigned int ON_ManagedFonts::GetGlyphMetricsInFontDesignUnits ( const class ON_Font font,
ON__UINT32  unicode_code_point,
class ON_TextBox glyph_metrics_in_font_design_units 

Returns: 0: failure >0: success font glyph index

◆ InstalledFonts()

static const ON_FontList& ON_ManagedFonts::InstalledFonts ( )

◆ ManagedFonts()

static const ON_FontList& ON_ManagedFonts::ManagedFonts ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ List

ON_ManagedFonts ON_ManagedFonts::List

List is the only instance of this class.