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ON_MeshCurveParameters Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_curve.h>

Public Member Functions

 ON_MeshCurveParameters ()

Public Attributes

int m_main_seg_count
double m_max_ang_radians
double m_max_aspect
double m_max_chr
double m_max_edge_length
double m_min_edge_length
int m_reserved1
int m_reserved2
double m_reserved3
double m_reserved4
int m_sub_seg_count
double m_tolerance

Detailed Description


/ / Copyright (c) 1993-2012 Robert McNeel & Associates. All rights reserved. / OpenNURBS, Rhinoceros, and Rhino3D are registered trademarks of Robert / McNeel & Associates. / / THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. / ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND OF / MERCHANTABILITY ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. /
/ For complete openNURBS copyright information see http://www.opennurbs.org. / ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Definition of virtual parametric curve

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_MeshCurveParameters()

ON_MeshCurveParameters::ON_MeshCurveParameters ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_main_seg_count

int ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_main_seg_count

If main_seg_count <= 0, then both these parameters are ignored. If main_seg_count > 0, then sub_seg_count must be >= 1. In this case the curve will be broken into main_seg_count equally spaced chords. If needed, each of these chords can be split into as many sub_seg_count sub-parts if the subdivision is necessary for the mesh to meet the other meshing constraints. In particular, if sub_seg_count = 0, then the curve is broken into main_seg_count pieces and no further testing is performed.

◆ m_max_ang_radians

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_max_ang_radians

Maximum angle (in radians) between unit tangents at adjacent vertices.

◆ m_max_aspect

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_max_aspect

If max_aspect < 1.0, the parameter is ignored. If 1 <= max_aspect < sqrt(2), it is treated as if max_aspect = sqrt(2). This parameter controls the maximum permitted value of (length of longest chord) / (length of shortest chord)

◆ m_max_chr

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_max_chr

Maximum permitted value of distance chord midpoint to curve) / (length of chord)

◆ m_max_edge_length

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_max_edge_length

If max_edge_length = 0, the parameter is ignored. This parameter controls the maximum permitted edge length.

◆ m_min_edge_length

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_min_edge_length

If m_min_edge_length = 0, the parameter is ignored. This parameter controls the minimum permitted edge length.

◆ m_reserved1

int ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_reserved1

◆ m_reserved2

int ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_reserved2

◆ m_reserved3

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_reserved3

◆ m_reserved4

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_reserved4

◆ m_sub_seg_count

int ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_sub_seg_count

◆ m_tolerance

double ON_MeshCurveParameters::m_tolerance

If tolerance = 0, the parameter is ignored. This parameter controls the maximum permitted value of the distance from the curve to the mesh.