Rhino C++ API  8.8
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ON_TextHash Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_textlog.h>

Inheritance diagram for ON_TextHash:

Public Member Functions

 ON_TextHash ()=default
 ~ON_TextHash ()=default
ON__UINT64 ByteCount () const
ON_SHA1_Hash Hash () const
bool IdRemap () const
ON_TextLogOutputTextLog () const
void SetIdRemap (bool bEnableIdRemap)
void SetOutputTextLog (ON_TextLog *output_text_log)
void SetStringMap (const class ON_Locale &locale, ON_StringMapType map_type)
void SetStringMap (ON_StringMapOrdinalType map_type)
const class ON_LocaleStringMapLocale () const
ON_StringMapType StringMapType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_TextLog
 ON_TextLog ()
 ON_TextLog (FILE *fp)
 dump to open ASCII text file More...
 ON_TextLog (ON_wString &s)
virtual ~ON_TextLog ()
void ClearColorFormat ()
ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail DecreaseLevelOfDetail ()
 Decrease the level of detail. More...
ON_Color::TextFormat GetColorFormat ()
void GetDoubleFormat (ON_String &) const
void GetFloatFormat (ON_String &) const
ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail GetLevelOfDetail () const
ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail IncreaseLevelOfDetail ()
 Increase the level of detail. More...
int IndentCount ()
int IndentSize () const
bool IsNull () const
bool IsTextHash () const
bool LevelOfDetailIsAtLeast (ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail level_of_detail)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (char)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const char *)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const ON_2dPoint &)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const ON_2dVector &)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const ON_3dPoint &)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const ON_3dVector &)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const ON_4dPoint &)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (const ON_Xform &)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (double)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (float)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (int)
ON_TextLogoperator<< (short)
void PopIndent ()
void ON_VARGS_FUNC_CDECL Print (const char *format,...)
void Print (const ON_2dPoint &)
void Print (const ON_2dVector &)
void Print (const ON_3dPoint &)
void Print (const ON_3dPointArray &, const char *=nullptr)
void Print (const ON_3dVector &)
void Print (const ON_4dPoint &)
void Print (const ON_COMPONENT_INDEX &)
void Print (const ON_Matrix &, const char *=nullptr, int=0)
void Print (const ON_String &string)
void Print (const ON_UUID &)
void Print (const ON_wString &string)
void Print (const ON_Xform &)
void ON_VARGS_FUNC_CDECL Print (const wchar_t *format,...)
void Print (double)
void Print (float)
void PrintColor (const ON_Color &color)
void PrintCurrentTime ()
void PrintKnotVector (int, int, const double *)
void PrintNewLine ()
 printing utilities More...
void PrintPointGrid (int, bool, int, int, int, int, const double *, const char *=nullptr)
void PrintPointList (int, bool, int, int, const double *, const char *=nullptr)
void PrintRGB (const ON_Color &color)
void PrintSpace ()
void PrintString (const char *s)
void PrintString (const wchar_t *s)
void PrintString (ON_String s)
void PrintString (ON_wString s)
void PrintTab ()
void PrintTime (const struct tm &t)
void PrintWrappedText (const char *, int=60)
 last arg is maximum line length More...
void PrintWrappedText (const wchar_t *, int=60)
 last arg is maximum line length More...
void PushIndent ()
void SetColorFormat (ON_Color::TextFormat color_format)
void SetDoubleFormat (const char *)
 default is g More...
void SetFloatFormat (const char *)
 default is g More...
void SetIndentCount (int indent_count)
void SetIndentSize (int)
void SetLevelOfDetail (ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail level_of_detail)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ON_TextLog
enum  LevelOfDetail : unsigned char { LevelOfDetail::Minimum = 0, LevelOfDetail::Medium = 1, LevelOfDetail::Maximum = 2 }
 ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail determines ow much detail is printed. Functions that have an ON_TextLog parameter, like the Dump() functions, may use the level of detail to tailor their output. may use the level of detail to tailor their output. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ON_TextLog
static ON_TextLog::LevelOfDetail LevelOfDetailFromUnsigned (unsigned int level_of_detail)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ON_TextLog
static ON_TextLog Null
- Protected Attributes inherited from ON_TextLog
FILE * m_pFile = nullptr
ON_wStringm_pString = nullptr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_TextHash()

ON_TextHash::ON_TextHash ( )

◆ ~ON_TextHash()

ON_TextHash::~ON_TextHash ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ByteCount()

ON__UINT64 ON_TextHash::ByteCount ( ) const

Returns: Total number of bytes that have passed through this text log.

◆ Hash()

ON_SHA1_Hash ON_TextHash::Hash ( ) const

Returns: SHA-1 hash value of the text sent to this text log.

◆ IdRemap()

bool ON_TextHash::IdRemap ( ) const

Returns: True if id remap is available.

◆ OutputTextLog()

ON_TextLog* ON_TextHash::OutputTextLog ( ) const

◆ SetIdRemap()

void ON_TextHash::SetIdRemap ( bool  bEnableIdRemap)

Parameters: bEnableIdRemap - [in] if bEnableIdRemap is true, the sequences of code points that match the format XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX where X is a hexadecimal digit (0-9, a-f, or A-F) and the hyphen is literal. will be replaced with an id created by ON_NextNotUniqueId(). This is used for comparing code that generates streams containing new uuids.

◆ SetOutputTextLog()

void ON_TextHash::SetOutputTextLog ( ON_TextLog output_text_log)

Description: In some testing situations, the output text log can be set when it is necessary to see the text used to compute the SHA-1 hash. The has can be calculate which no output text log.

Parameters: output_text_log - [in] Destination text log for the mtext used to calculate the hash.

◆ SetStringMap() [1/2]

void ON_TextHash::SetStringMap ( const class ON_Locale locale,
ON_StringMapType  map_type 

◆ SetStringMap() [2/2]

void ON_TextHash::SetStringMap ( ON_StringMapOrdinalType  map_type)

◆ StringMapLocale()

const class ON_Locale& ON_TextHash::StringMapLocale ( ) const

◆ StringMapType()

ON_StringMapType ON_TextHash::StringMapType ( ) const